The rules of the road are gone as Americans report they have forgotten how to drive during the pandemic

If you feel like your driving skills have taken a backseat during the pandemic, you're not alone. New research shows 34% of Americans would retake driver's ed to get back into the swing of driving once the pandemic is over. A recent survey asked 2,000 Americans that have ever driven to describe how the pandemic has impacted their driving habits and found 46% have been on the roads less during the pandemic. Of these respondents, 37% went so far as to say they've forgotten how to drive entirely. Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Nextbase Dash Cams, the survey found that 46% of respondents have become increasingly annoyed at other drivers lately as they return to the roads. This could be connected to 53% of respondents agreeing the roads have been a bit of a free for all as people aren't following the rules of the road during the pandemic.