After Rumors Swirled Around Hallmark Vet Ryan Paevey’s Reason For Stepping Back From Acting, He Set The Record Straight

 Ryan Paevey in the trailer for A Timeless Christmas.
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As some Hallmark stars have left for GAF more recently, Ryan Paevey went in a different direction earlier this year. The General Hospital alum, who starred in almost 20 films for the network between 2016 and 2023, seemed like he had no plans to leave the company. But, sometime after he praised Hallmark's evolution, that all changed earlier this year. After starring in his most recent flick on the network, Under the Christmas Sky, as part of the network's 2023 Christmas movie slate, Paevey revealed in April that things weren’t so hot between him and the network after a fan asked him if he was appearing in any upcoming films. Now, as rumors have surfaced since then, he’s setting the record straight.

In his reply back in April, he shared that he was taking some time off, and it was unknown at the time if it meant that he was not returning to Hallmark or was merely taking a break. The actor shared a statement with Heavy, in the hopes of cutting through "speculation from third parties that have taken my words and expanded upon them to meet their narrative, or flat out misrepresented my words or misconstrued their meaning." When it came to explaining his reasoning, Ryan Paevey admitted that being in the industry, especially lately, has taken a toll on him:

As I’ve stated before, I am taking a step back from acting, something I’ve felt I’ve needed to do for a while now and a decision proven to be absolutely necessary in the past few weeks. The industry hasn’t felt like the place for me in quite some time now, and my mental health has suffered from it. It’s taken me to a bit of a dark place, made me into a version of myself I don’t like very much. I’ve vented some of my anger and frustration publicly, and for that, I apologize. I’ve had many years of smooth sailing and am very lucky to be able to say that, but the waters have been much rougher the last year or so. I know I am not unique in this; it seems nearly EVERYONE, in Hollywood or not, is going through troubled times to some degree. I’ve had bank accounts hacked, money embezzled, investments stolen….things that, while difficult, can be recovered from.

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The entertainment industry can indeed be hard for an actor, and its effects can vary by person. It's unfortunate to hear that Ryan Paevey's experiences haven't been so positive as of late. Given the work that he's done, the actor will certainly be missed, and it would be bittersweet if he opted not to return to the industry. Still, the public must respect his wishes, and it's totally understandable as to why he'd want to take some time away from Hollywood. It sounds like his health is the top priority, and it’s great that he’s prioritizing self care.

On top of taking care of himself, the Unleashing Mr. Darcy star revealed that the other main reason he’s leaving the industry is because of his mother, who was diagnosed with lung cancer. He left Los Angeles so he could be closer to her and spend more time with her. He did stress how grateful he is to the industry, while looking back at his time on General Hospital and Hallmark. The star also thanked his team and fans for all that they’ve done throughout his career. When providing further clarity regarding his decision, the man said:

All this to say, I am simply shifting focus closer; to family. I have found another fulfilling creative endeavor in Fortunate Wanderer, and have plans to expand it, begin adventuring more, and share those adventures in the hopes that we will all remain connected, and I will share more about that once I myself have a clearer picture of how to do it. I know this was a lot, but I wanted you all to hear it directly from me. Thank you, so much, for sharing this journey with me, and here’s hoping there’s more ahead for us all.

Ryan Paevey seems content with his choices. It's certainly possible that he could return to the Hallmark at some point in the future but, if that were to happen, I doubt it'd be anytime soon. Fans may have mixed feelings about him no longer appearing in the network's forthcoming productions, but I'm sure they'll also wish him all the best as he enters this next chapter of his life. Here's to wishing him the best as he moves on with his life and focuses on his family and other elements that are most important to him.

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