Run through these sporting memories across our county throughout the decades

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The Cumbria schools under 19 team in 1982
The Cumbria schools under 19 team in 1982

FOR this week's nostalgia, we ran through the archives of pictures taken of sporting memories across Cumbria.

Whether it was sports day at school which was your favourite day of the school year, and you aspired to set school records or simply enjoyed the day free from lessons as you watched from the stands.

Or, you joined a local sports group such a football, rugby, hockey or netball as a hobby and disocvered you had a real talent for your sport of choice.

Perhaps you were so good, you were chosen to play for the county and represent Cumbria like some of the people in these pictures.

Our sporting memories across Cumbria show our abilities across the track or field.

From sprints to long distance, or javelin to long jump, many get active and competitive.

As you can see from the pictures, us Cumbrians are used to all types of weather. Some people are blessed with the sunshine for their day of fitness, others may have to endure near arctic conditions such as the snap from the cross country day in January 1976.

Are you in any of the pictures featured here and, if so, what are your memories of the day your picture was taken?