Runner Stumbles Upon Bear Out For Morning Stroll in British Columbia Park

A man jogging on a trail in Burnaby Lake Park, British Columbia, on July 5 came across an unexpected road block in the form of a docile black bear.

Keith Whitter recorded this footage and posted it to Twitter with the caption, “Heading for a run at Burnaby Lake when wildlife impedes the journey.”

Whitter told Storyful he regularly runs on these trails but has never encountered a bear before.

“When I came around the corner and saw the bear I stopped in my tracks,” he said. “He didn’t seem particularly interested in me, I made myself large and yelled out loud.”

Whitter said the bear glanced over at him and then started to walk slowly in his direction. He said that’s when he turned on his camera and started to walk backward.

“Once out of sight I continued down a different trail,” he said. “I ran that same path yesterday and didn’t notice anything unusual apart from one couple walking with an air horn.”

Whitter told Storyful the Burnaby Lake Park Association were aware of the bear. The association tweeted a bear alert on July 4, and later quoted the tweet tagging Whitter, saying the bear he saw looks like the bear that was previously spotted.

“We really want to keep him safe,” the Burnaby Lake Park Association said in the tweet. Credit: Keith Whitter via Storyful

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