Russell Brand cancels comedy tour after mum's 'life-threatening' injuries after hit-and-run

Comedian Russell Brand has spoken about the hit-and-run car crash that left his mum and her driver in hospital.

Last week the comedian, 42, cancelled his comedy gig in Scotland, after it was revealed his mum Barbara, 71, was involved in a hit-and-run car crash.

But Brand has now cancelled his entire ReBirth tour for the immediate future at least, in order to be at his mum’s side after suffering a number of ‘life-threatening injuries’ as a result of the crash.

He posted a video to his 12 million Twitter followers, explaining the condition of him mum and how grateful they are to the NHS. He also explained the severity of his mum’s condition:

‘My mum has been in a really serious road accident,’ he said. ‘She has been left with what are called poly-traumatic injuries. ‘That means numerous, life-threatening injuries.’

The star praised the NHS. (PA)

Brand then said he was going to cancel his whole tour because he wasn’t in the right mind frame to perform comedy, citing he was ‘too sad’ after the accident and wanted to look after his mum.

‘Thanks for your kind messages. ReBirth delayed or cancelled due to my Mum’s accident,’ he revealed.

The actor/comedian shared the apology but made it clear his mum’s health, naturally, comes first: ‘I apologise but obviously it’s circumstances beyond my control,’ he admitted. He then explained his ‘vulnerable’ mum had already battled cancer half a dozen times and thanked the NHS for their care, calling them ‘phenomenal’, ‘invaluable’ and the ‘soul of the country’.

Russell Brand and his mum, Barbara. (PA, REX)
Russell Brand and his mum, Barbara. (PA, REX)

The star also noted he was taking a break from the public eye as his mother recuperates: ‘I won’t be on social media for a while,’ he said.

He also emphasised how the crash had made him think about life, realising the ‘importance of people you love’.

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