Russell Brand shocks Paul and Prue with 'vagina biscuit' on 'Celebrity Bake Off'

Russell Brand on The Great Celebrity Bake Off (Credit: C4)
Russell Brand on The Great Celebrity Bake Off (Credit: C4)

Russell Brand has achieved a series first on The Great British Bake Off, presenting judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith with 3D biscuit design based on a rather intimate area.

In the spin-off series made for the charity Stand Up To Cancer, The Great Celebrity Bake Off, the 43-year-old comedian constructs a vagina made from biscuit.

The celebs are tasked with making the 3D confection which symbolises their ‘greatest performance’.

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Explaining the thinking behind the showstopper, Brand explains that it is to ‘Commemorating in the medium of biscuit the birth of my second daughter where I actuated the role of the father’.

He goes on: “The female plays an integral role in the process of childbirth. That’s why it was a good performance because of my acceptance in a secondary role.”

(Credit: C4)
(Credit: C4)

“You have got this great big vagina! It all sounds extraordinary,” says Prue, while Paul adds that he has ‘never heard of a biscuit quite like it’.

Brand is joined by actor John Lithgow, paralympian Hannah Cockroft, comedian Jon Richardson in his heat, while the likes of James Acaster, Big Narstie, Jeremy Paxman and Michelle Keegan will also feature.

Brand’s episode airs tonight on Channel 4 at 8pm.