Russell Brand Takes Up Baby Yoga For Unborn Child

Russell Brand is practicing baby yoga to help him form a stronger bond with his unborn child.


Credit: WENN

The 41-year-old comedian and activist is set to become a dad for the first time when his girlfriend Laura Gallacher, the sister of TV presenter Kirsty Gallacher, gives birth.

And Russell - who already practices yoga and is vegan - is taking his future role very seriously and wants to get a head start in fatherhood.

A source told The Daily Star newspaper: “Russell wants to get close with the baby and has started these daily yoga routines. He takes it really seriously and honestly believes it will help to form a relationship with the child.”

Baby yoga claims to build trust between the parent and child by incorporating the little one in yoga postures and helping them to build awareness of their body through a series of mini twists and stretches.

Practitioners recommend two to three 10 minute sessions each week but it is more commonly taken up by postnatal mothers, because the exercises help them to rebuild their pelvic floor muscles after giving birth.


But Russell is happy to do it and even plans to deliver the baby.

The source added: “As a couple they are very close and Russell has even told pals he’d like to deliver the baby.”

The TV personality has been looking forward to becoming a father for years and explored the idea with his former flames Jemima Khan - who he split from in 2014 - and his ex-wife Katy Perry whom he divorced in 2012.

A source previously revealed: “Russell is absolutely made up [about the prospect of becoming to be a dad]. Most of his closest friends have children and he was desperate to start a family. It didn’t work out with Katy, who felt she was too young for kids - and there were conversations with Jemima.”

Congratulations Russell and Laura and… namaste!