Russell Tovey wants to record a podcast with Madonna

Russell Tovey wants Madonna on his podcast credit:Bang Showbiz
Russell Tovey wants Madonna on his podcast credit:Bang Showbiz

Russell Tovey wants to get Madonna on his podcast.

The 41-year-old actor recently met the pop icon at a party in Los Angeles, and Russell is now keen to get her on his 'Talk Art' podcast.

The TV star - who co-hosts the show with his gallery director pal Rob Diament - told The i newspaper: "She didn’t know who I was, but we got talking about art and now she follows us. She only follows about 505 people so that was phenomenal.

"Madonna’s never been given credit for her contribution to the art world. She’s been art.

"As well as hanging out with [pop artist Keith] Haring, she dated Jean Michel Basquiat and she has supported so many female artists who were overlooked. So many people know Frieda Kahlo because of her. But she hasn’t had the platform to discuss that.

"I think we could show the world a whole new side of her."

Russell's podcast grew during the COVID-19 lockdown, and the actor previously admitted that his big-name guests have helped to attract new fans to the show.

Russell told told GQ magazine: "We went into overdrive, sometimes recording three episodes a day. Everybody was suddenly available, as they didn’t have work on, so we achieved this time capsule of how culture was responding to a global pandemic.

"It also grew the podcast so much, because we had some of our most famous guests, like Sir Elton John coming on to talk about his artwork and Billy Porter coming on to talk about living as an art piece."