Russia: Fast-food chain replacing McDonald’s unveils new logo

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A hamburger and two potato fries feature on the logo of a new restaurant chain (via REUTERS)
A hamburger and two potato fries feature on the logo of a new restaurant chain (via REUTERS)

The fast-food chain replacing McDonald’s in Russia has unveiled its new logo ahead of the opening of its first restaurants.

After McDonald’s announced its departure from Russia last month, Sistema PBO took over the management of the chain’s 850 locations in the state.

The fast-food chain’s new logo features a two orange lines and a red dot in front of a green background, said to represent chips and a burger.

Although under new management, the chain’s new name is not yet known ahead of its re-opening on June 12.

According to Russian state media, the franchise will initially open 15 restaurants in Moscow on Sunday.

Names under consideration are “Tot Samyi”, which translates as “the same” or “that one”, and “Svobodnaya Kassa”, “available cash register” among others, according to the Moscow Times.

Eight potential new names have been submitted to Rospatent which is the Russian government agency in charge of intellectual property.

"The green background of the logo symbolises the quality of products and service that our guests are accustomed to," a Sistema PBO spokesperson told TASS.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, McDonald’s suspended operations in the state in March, before confirming its withdrawal in May.

Although the fee is unknown, the fast-food chain said Alexander Gvor, who operated 25 McDonald’s restaurants in Siberia, would take over.

McDonald’s has been one of the biggest companies to withdraw and had been seen as a key moment towards the end of the Soviet Union when it opened a chain in Moscow in January 1990.

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