Russia is going to cut the entire country off from the internet in ‘cyber war’ test

Rob Waugh
One of the most famous place and popular destination is Red square in Moscow where it popular tourist attraction.

Russia is to cut itself off from the internet – leaving 100 million internet users with no access to foreign servers, in an experiment to prepare for future conflicts with the West.

The test would aim to model the effect of a Western move to isolate Russia online – and is to take place before 1 April, although no date has been set.

A new draft law, the Digital Economy National Program, will require Russian ISPs to be able to operate if the country is isolated online.

The law suggests measures including building a Russian version of the net’s address system, DNS (Domain Name System).

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Privacy groups have also warned that the law gives the Russian government’s Roskomnadzor agency wide powers to control and censor media.

Russian experts say that the move comes in response to the American government’s Cybersecurity Strategy unveiled in September.

Leonard Levin, the chairman of a Russian govermment technnology committee says, ‘The calls to increase pressure on our country being made in the West oblige us to think about additional ways to protect Russian sovereignty in cyberspace.

‘Russia’s disconnection from the world wide web is one possible scenario amid the escalation of international tensions.’

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