Russian, 42, arrested after ‘selling meth to tourists and prostitutes in Thailand’

A Russian man was arrested after allegedly selling meth to tourists and hookers in return for sexual services in Thailand. Garanin Konstantin, 45, was caught by undercover police selling the drugs during a buy-bust operation in his apartment in tourism destination Pattaya in Chonburi province on April 8. Police said that they bought 0.75 grams of meth from Konstantin for 1,000 baht, which was marked. Officers continued to search the property and found assorted drug paraphernalia and more meth weighing 0.82 grams hidden under the table. The police also seized assets worth five million baht that were believed to have been illegally acquired by using a local’s identity The Russian expat reportedly first arrived in the country six years ago when he started his illegal drug ring targeting foreigners and prostitutes. Police Senior Colonel Adulayaphat Taephonchayasit said that the ex-pat would allegedly ask the female hookers for sexual favours instead of money in return for the meth, also known locally as ‘Ice’. He said: ‘He was known for selling drugs to tourists and prostitutes. He would ask the women for sexual favours in exchange for the substances. ‘We immediately planned the buy-bust and raided his property after confirming the reports tipped to us by our operatives.’ Garanin was taken to the police station where he was charged with the possession and illegal trade of crystal methamphetamine and marijuana.