Russian advances in Avdiivka stalled — UK intelligence


Russia is unlikely to capture Avdiivka in the coming weeks, as the main supply route remains under Ukrainian control and Ukraine’s counterattacks are holding Russians back, the UK Defense Ministry said on Twitter (X) on Jan. 27, citing a Defense Intelligence report.

Despite ongoing Russian offensives, which have captured villages like Krokhmalne, in KharkivOblast, and Vesele near Bakhmut, such gains are strategically insignificant. This represents a continuation of Russia’s minor incremental gains while Ukraine focuses on active defense, the intelligence analysis said.

Despite horrendous losses there, Avdiivka remains a priority for Russia. It has attempted to encircle he city from the south and north, and fighting has been reported on the outskirts of the eastern quarter of Avdiivka itself, UK intelligence said.

The ongoing failure to make much headway around the city, which has come at the cost of vast amounts of personnel and armored vehicles, has not stymied Russia, which has even tried penetrating the outskirts of the city through service tunnels, which is a method they have been attempting since October 2023.

Russia has lost at least 10,000 troops over a month of active assaults on Avdiivka.

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