Russian brothel employs only married women - charging six times as much for men to sleep with someone else's wife

Caught: Housewives who work in the Moscow brothel. (CEN)

Police have raided a brothel which only employed married women - and charged six times the usual price for customers to sleep with another man's wife.

The desperate housewives were recruited by the Moscow brothel through word of mouth, and in many cases their husbands had no idea what they were up to.

A police spokesman said that the motivation for most of them was the desire to have a bit of extra spending money.

Most of them appear to have been lured into working in the red light business after being persuaded by other housewives also employed at the brothel.

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Police spokeswoman Margarita Maslova said: 'A seven room apartment had been turned into an exclusive brothel where prostitutes were allowed to work only if they brought a marriage certificate confirming they were somebody else's wife.

'We arrested 11 people although the woman that was running the business, who they were instructed to call 'mamma', managed to escape and is being hunted.'

The brothel was charging £250 for an hour with somebody else's wife and business was reportedly booming with many customers returning again and again to visit. The usual price of a regular brothel for an hour is just £40.

However the desperate housewives were burdened with the real cost because although they only face fines of 20 GBP, many of them also had some explaining to do to their husbands.