Russian fisherman shares pics of nightmare creatures from the depths

Staff writer

A Russian fisherman has found Internet fame by posting photos of all the weird and horrifying creatures he finds on his travels near the Arctic.

Roman Fedortsov, a 40-year-old engineer and technologist on fishing trawlers in the Barents Sea, posts his bizarre finds a few times a week – to the horror and amusement of his followers.

Roman has been posting snaps of deep sea oddities on Instagram since his time on trawlers in the Atlantic, near north Africa. He now has 146,000 followers on Twitter.

And another 350,000 followers on Instagram!

He told the Independent: "People are very interested in unusual sea creatures. I think the reason for such popularity was the fact that an ordinary sailor can face life with unusual 'fantastic creatures'."

Roman added: "All kinds of fish are beautiful in their own way. I can not say that they are 'scary' or 'ugly'. Readers have the impression that with each trawl we bring aboard unusual fish specimens. In fact, this is far from the case. It is a rarity.

"On the other hand, even a famous fish can be photographed so that it will seem to be a 'monster'."

After studying for an engineering degree at Moscow State Technical University Roman now works as a master of fish processing and technologist on boats heading out of Murmansk.