Russian invasion has ravaged Ukraine but also left serious mental scars

The destruction of the war are all too obvious in Ukraine. However, other wounds are less evident. Psychologists are working hand-in-hand with prosecutors to gather evidence on war crimes, particularly when it comes to sexual violence during the Russian invasion. Over the course of their findings, they have found a population traumatised by occupation and war, and have been seeking to offer help and support to as many people as they can. FRANCE 24 journalists Luke Shrago and Mélina Huet report.

The Russian army arrived in Zahal'tsi, a village in the Kyiv region, on March 20, 2022 and occupied the town for 10 days. The signs of war can be seen everywhere, from the bullet-riddled doors to the bombed-out buildings.

In a health clinic that has been plunged into darkness due to power cuts, a number of women wait to undergo medical examinations. Representatives from a number of associations ask the women to tell their stories while they wait to see a medical professional.

Babushka Olena opens up about the traumatic events that keep her up at night. At first embarrassed and worried, she is encouraged by the kind words of Iryna Galkovska, a psychologist. She finally opens up and shares the horrific experience that her relatives went through at the hands of Russian soldiers.

Someone to confide in

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