Russian official proposes a ‘Ministry of Happiness’

Valentina Matviyenko
Valentina Matviyenko

The Speaker of Russia’s Federation Council, Valentina Matviyenko, has suggested the establishment of a "Ministry of Happiness" in the country, along with the passage of a law on "universal happiness," Russian news outlet The Insider reported on Nov. 6.

“Immediately, [pass] a law on universal happiness!” said Matviyenko.

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“You know, I dream and even suggested – let's create a Ministry of Happiness in Russia. An agency where all decisions, all laws will pass through the question in mind: does this new law or government resolution make people happier? The support group for this is small now, so join us. I think the time will come when we establish a Ministry of Happiness in Russia.”

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Matviyenko mentioned in 2019 that she had first thought of a "Ministry of Happiness" during her trip to the UAE.

Matviyenko heads the upper chamber of the Russian Parliament. After the invasion of Ukraine, it was revealed that she owns a villa near Venice, and her son, who resides in Italy, also owns a villa. At the age of 36, her son's assets were already estimated at $1 billion as of 2009.

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