Russian Prison Guards Film Beating Of Inmate

Russian Prison Guards Film Beating Of Inmate

Russian prison guards filmed themselves teaching an inmate a lesson by administering a savage beating.

The footage shows the prisoner, who is serving two years for robbery, being repeatedly punched and kicked to the floor as he begs them to stop.

As the man is abused, the prison guards can be heard trying to instil discipline by talking him through the prison "hierarchy" between blows.

The filming starts when the man, dressed in a black jacket with his hands cuffed behind his back, is brought in front of prison guards.

They shout: "Stop telling your lies" before punching him in the stomach.

A number of guards then unleash a series of punches, kicks, slaps and blows on the man in the beating, which lasts over six minutes.

In one sequence each of the guards takes it in turns to slap and kick him.

The prisoner continually begs for their forgiveness and asks them to stop but the abuse continues.

At one point as the inmate lies on the floor they shout at him: "Get up you fat pig. Get up."

The filming ends with the man lying on the floor, by now wearing just a black vest, weeping after the guards force a hat into his mouth.

The video was originally posted on YouTube but was hastily removed because of the gratuitous nature of the violence, however, a number of Russian pressure groups saved the footage and posted it on their own websites.

According to the original post, the incident took place in the penal colony No.10, in Rostov-on-Don, in the south of Russia.

Russia's prisons are notoriously violent. Around 4,000 inmates die in the country's prisons every year, according to recent figures issued by the deputy prosecutor general.

The video was posted online just two days after a riot in one of Russia's prisons in protest at the high number of torture and suicide cases.