Russian Robot ESCAPES And Makes A Run For It


A robot escaped from a lab in Russia before heading onto a city street and bringing traffic to a standstill.

The plucky machine from Promobot Labs in Perm broke free after an engineer forgot to close a gate and managed to find its way into a nearby street before its battery ran down.

Engineers had been teaching the Promobot v2 to move around independently.

The robot reportedly had around 40 minutes of freedom, before it was left stranded in the middle of the road.

The partly humanoid robot was then guarded by a police officer before being wheeled back to the lab by its human masters.


The robot caused a traffic jam before it was escorted back to the lab (Promobot Labs)

However, not everyone believes that the robot’s dramatic escape was an accident with many suggesting that the whole escapade was a publicity stunt orchestrated by Promobot Labs.

The company’s third-generation Promobot is due to be unveiled later this year, suggesting that the doubters could be right.

It’s designed to act as a service robot, interacting with humans to give them directions and answer questions. It can also be used to broadcast promotional messages using its built-in speakers.

Image credit: Promobot Labs

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