Russians on Red Square for International Workers Day

Tens of thousands have taken to the streets of Moscow to celebrate May Day.

My favourite pic from this year’s May Day parade in #Moscow #redsquare #1мая— Nikki Aaron (@NikkiAaronRT) May 1, 2017

Trade unionists marched under banners calling for ‘Decent Jobs, wages and life!’

#Russia: Communist party supporters rally in Moscow on May Day. Great photo by Kirill Kudryavtsev— David Vujanovic (@DavidVujanovic) May 1, 2017

Groups from across Russian society celebrated International Workers Day including students, senior citizens, and various political parties the Communists were out in force with many carrying images of Stalin

and Soviet iconography.

Soviet gym teachers marching on May Day, Moscow, 1956.— Donald Fenn (@augustfenn) May 1, 2017