'The Russians are running': Meet Ukraine's soldiers near Kherson on the southern frontline

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Ukrainian forces in southern Ukraine have been trying to retake Kherson, the only large city in the country to be occupied by Russia.

Ukraine's military is warning Moscow is trying to consolidate defensive positions in the south.

This comes as one Russian military official revealed plans to annex occupied regions in southeastern Ukraine.

After days of negotiations, Ukrainian officials gave Euronews' international correspondent Anelise Borges permission to take a glimpse at the frontlines.

She met with deputy commander Nazar, who is in charge of a battalion of over 500 men trying to retake Kherson after spending three months containing Russia's incursion around the city.

He showed off the damage done by Russian attacks but said Moscow's forces would not succeed in intimidating the Ukrainians.

“The armed forces of Ukraine are more combat-ready than ever,” Nazer told Euronews.

“When the enemy (Russia) began shelling Ukrainian lands at night, many men simply broke down the doors of our enlistment offices to go defend their land.”

Now, Nazar says his forces have been succeeding in pushing the Russians back. "The Russians are running, little by little," he said. "We kick them out."

The Ukrainian government says it will not accept a ceasefire until Russian troops withdraw from its territory.

And on the frontlines, Ukrainian soldiers told Euronews that they are braced for a long fight.

Watch Anelise Borges' exclusive report in the video player above.