Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes' bitter feuds - wedding ring row and son's tears

Ruth and Eamonn
-Credit: (Image: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes have called time on their 14-year marriage.

The couple, known for their fiery exchanges on screen, often engaged in sharp banter that was a staple of their public persona, even during live TV appearances.

Despite the playful nature of most of their interactions, there have been instances where the tension seemed to be more than just playful sparring.

In a joint statement shared today, they announced: "Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes have confirmed their marriage is over and they are in the process of divorcing."

The announcement follows an episode of Loose Women last year where Ruth discussed the challenges she faced trying to remove her wedding ring amidst an argument, reports the Mirror.

Ruth confessed she had attempted the dramatic gesture multiple times but recently found it lost its impact as she struggled to slide off her snugly fitting jewellery. She explained: "The thing is it can take the momentum away because my rings don't come off easily so if I was having a row and was like, 'Right, well, anyway, I'm really angry now...'" Demonstrating to the audience, she highlighted the difficulty in removing her tightly worn wedding ring.

Eamonn Holmes once made a brusque comment about his wife, Ruth Langsford, during a phone-in segment on This Morning when popular agony aunt Deirdre was taking calls. He replied to Deidre's jab, saying, "I love how people assume I'm the bad guy," suggesting Ruth might be responsible for some issues.

Ruth and Eamonn
Ruth and Eamonn have been married for 14 years -Credit:Getty Images

Their frequent disagreements on This Morning often got heated. One such instance was over their son Jack's stint as a mascot for Manchester United.

After Jack refused to leave the tunnel and cried, Ruth accused Eamonn of pressuring him into it. She remonstrated: "I knew he wouldn't do it because you pushed him into it," asserting that he was just six at the time.

Eamonn countered, stating that Jack was seven and that his "irrational fear" came from his mother. Ruth scoffed at her spouse and said: "You were living vicariously through your son."

Eamonn continued airing their private matters during a phone-in with Vanessa Feltz about reconciling with an ex-partner. He admitted almost ending their relationship after their first big argument.

He revealed: "You know, 20 odd years ago plus I tried to make Ruth my ex."

Ruth responded with a shake of her head and an exasperated sigh: "It was our first row. You're so dramatic."

Eamonn Holmes shared a candid moment from his relationship with Ruth Langsford, recalling: "I said, 'That's it, this is not working, goodbye.' And I went to close the door and she pushed it back and do you know what she said to me? 'Oh, don't be stupid'."

Ruth humorously added that they've been "rowing ever since".

Speculation about the state of their marriage arose when the couple, who reside in Surrey, were notably absent from each other's individual social media posts in recent times. An insider reportedly told MailOnline that friends had been tipped off to expect an announcement on their social channels, which has now materialised as a statement confirming their decision to divorce.

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