Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes' differing views on friendship with exes highlighted amid split

Eamonn Holmes, Ruth Langsford
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Ruth Langsford had a candid chat about the potential of parting ways with Eamonn Holmes long before their unexpected divorce announcement, as seen in a recently resurfaced video.

The television duo, who have been a staple on screens for years, confirmed their separation this weekend after 14 years of marriage, amidst swirling rumours, reports the Mirror.

Ruth and Eamonn, whose relationship spanned over two decades, are parents to their 22 year old son Jack and gained fame co-hosting This Morning.

But in 2020, they were dropped from the ITV morning programme.

While Ruth remained with ITV as a panellist on Loose Women, Eamonn has been vocal about his dissatisfaction with his past employer and has since joined GB News.

During lockdown, the pair opened up in an interview about needing personal space from each other.

Eamonn shared that their only significant interaction was while working together.

"Although we live together, we're not really together, we don't watch the same TV, Ruth likes her own space, when we do This Morning it's a rare time we actually interrelate," he commented during a TalkTV segment.

Ruth chimed in with her perspective: "That's why we've been together 24 years, because we aren't actually together a lot."

Additionally, a throwback clip from 2018 shows them expressing differing views on maintaining friendships with ex-partners, a topic they debated back when they were still at the helm of This Morning.

Eamonn expressed: "It is easier to stay friends," but Ruth had a contrasting view.

She stated: "Why would you need to stay friends, you aren't with them anymore, you don't need to be friends. My thing is you weren't just friends, you were married or had a relationship."

Reports claim Eamonn's health woes meant Ruth became 'more like a carer than a wife'
It has been claimed their This Morning axe sparked issues at home -Credit:Instagram

These comments have resurfaced following allegations that the ex-couple had been "leading separate lives, both professionally and personally" for two years prior to their split announcement.

It's suggested that their departure from This Morning significantly impacted their relationship as their individual careers started to shift.

"Eamonn and Ruth's relationship changed when they left This Morning. They started moving in different directions in their careers and their priorities started to change," an insider revealed to The Sun.

Reportedly, Eamonn was eager to return to his hometown of Belfast, which caused tension between the couple.

He told the Mirror in 2023: "When people ask me what I'm doing at the weekend, I tell them I'm going home. Then my wife gets very irritated by this. She says, 'This is your home'. And I say, 'No Ruth, this is where I work. This is where I have to be'."

The couple had refrained from featuring each other on their social media for more than a year, with Ruth's last post of Eamonn dating back to their anniversary in June 2022.

She captioned the photo: "Happy Anniversary my love @eamonnholmes. Loved you then, love you still, always have, always will."

Since then, neither has publicly posted any anniversary or birthday wishes to one another.

Eamonn is slated to make a comeback on GB News this Tuesday, where it's anticipated he'll reveal details about their separation.

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