Ruth Wilson quit The Affair because she ‘didn’t feel safe’ on set

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Ruth Wilson has revealed that she left The Affair after she “didn’t feel safe” at certain points on set.

The British actor starred opposite Dominic West on the Showtime series for four seasons from 2014 to 2018, but did not appear in the show’s fifth and final season.

In a new interview, Wilson discussed her exit from the show for the first time since it was reported that she quit after being “pressured” into doing “gratuitous” nude scenes.

Speaking to Stylist, the actor said that she still “hadn’t worked out how to discuss” her time on the show, explaining: “There’s a lot of noise and anger surrounding it, and really the power rests with me to choose how I discuss my life and my experiences.

“There was a situation on The Affair where things didn’t feel right, and I dealt with them, and I managed to protect myself,” she continued.

<p>Ruth Wilson and Dominic West in ‘The Affair’</p>Showtime

Ruth Wilson and Dominic West in ‘The Affair’


“It was before #MeToo and before Harvey Weinstein – and yet my instincts were very clear and strong about what I felt was wrong, about what was going on, and what I didn’t feel safe about.”

The Independent has contacted Showtime for comment.

Last December, reports emerged from people who had worked on The Affair that Wilson, who was restrained by an NDA, “had long wanted to leave the show because of ongoing frustrations with the nudity required of her” and “friction” with showrunner Sarah Treem.

Treem reportedly tried to coax actors to get naked even if they were uncomfortable or not contractually obligated to.

In an open letter of response, the showrunner refuted all claims that she created a negative work environment on set, writing: “On a continuous basis throughout Ruth’s time on the show, I tried to protect her and shoot sex scenes safely and respectfully.”