Ryan discovers Kim knows his secret

Daniel Kilkelly
Photo credit: Channel 4

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Ryan panics when Leela tells him about the voicemail. He convinces Ste to get the phone from The Emporium, but Kim catches him.

Later, Ryan goes to get the phone himself, but when he arrives at the Maaliks', he discovers that Kim has already listened to the message and knows that he killed Amy.

Meanwhile, Peri continues to lie about being pregnant and stands firm that she's not moving back home with Leela. Leela sets it up so Peri catches Lily and Prince together, but Peri fakes stomach pain and Prince demands that she have a scan.

Elsewhere, Farrah picks up on the atmosphere between Kim and Sami when they argue about Ellie. She asks Kim whether there's something going on with them. Kim denies it, but can't tell Farrah the truth about Sami's vendetta against James.

Photo credit: Lime Pictures

Writer: Shaun Kitchener

Director: Clive Arnold

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