Ryan Gosling Had A Funny Reaction When Barbie’s ‘I’m Just Ken’ Scored An Award Win, And The Internet Is Loving It

 Ryan Gosling looking distressed as Ken while singing I'm Just Ken in Barbie.
Ryan Gosling looking distressed as Ken while singing I'm Just Ken in Barbie.

Actor Ryan Gosling has become a master of the deadpan reaction, so much so that you can’t always tell when he’s joking. That’s a perfect skill set for 2024 movie schedule entry like The Fall Guy, but it’s also something that leads to meme-worthy moments like the latest the Canadian actor scored. Apparently, it all came down to a seemingly surprise awards win for Barbie, which inspired a Gosling reaction that the Internet is absolutely loving.

Honestly, I can’t blame him, because the win in question was granted to “I’m Just Ken” for the Critics Choice Award for Best Song. With a stacked category that had three songs from director Greta Gerwig’s existential comedy, everyone probably thought Billie Eilish’s “What Was I Made For?” was going to win; and rightfully so.

Yet those in attendance at the event this weekend was ultimately met with a larger surprise than that time we learned Dan Levy almost starred in Barbie. The announcement of the win led to the reaction you see below:

That right there is further proof that Ryan Gosling knows how to pull a reaction. Sometimes, like that time he dropped a one-liner after hearing a hysterical Margot Robbie story about some childhood antics, it’s all in the words.

This wasn’t the case with this Barbie win though, as clearly seen in the short clip from the awards show. Which then inspired social media user @goslingfilms to respond with this comment:

Ryan gosling best reaction to an award.

Again, this surprise isn’t that much of a shock when you think about the journey this 2023 blockbuster has taken in the golden spotlight thus far. With Billie Eilish’s Barbie song saga arriving at a place where she and co-writer/brother Finneas are starting to rake in win after win, you’d have expected the CCA to have honored it as well.

If this comment from @zerowontmiss is any indication, this new win might have inspired one particular thought that could be terrifying the Nice Guys star more than a little bit:

Ryan Gosling realizing he might just have to perform 'I’m just Ken' at the Oscars.

Now, I’m not so sure I agree with our final social media reaction, which is from user @kat__writes. That’s not saying that it’s out of line or absolutely hysterical, but rather I don’t think the Barbie cast member minds being “the meme” when it comes to stuff like this. Take a look yourself, and see if you agree:

No one tries harder to avoid becoming a meme than Ryan Gosling, and no one fails harder at that than Ryan Gosling.

No matter where you land on the matter, or if you’re surprised by “I’m Just Ken’s” win or not, this is certainly a new development in what seemed like an open and shut story. With Oscar nominations landing on January 23rd, we’ll soon see how the next chapter in this story plays out.

So maybe the Academy should invite Ryan Gosling to the announcements, so he can react to any potential shocks, Barbie-related or otherwise. What isn’t surprising is that you can watch one of 2023's best movies right now, in the comfort of your own home.

You don’t need to go to Barbieland though, all you need is a Max subscription, and you’re set. And if you're looking forward to all the surprises the 96th Academy Awards hold in store, you can see them live on Sunday, March 10th, on ABC!