Ryan Gosling Reveals The Funny Way His And Eva Mendes’ Kids Reacted To Her Bluey Role

 Eva Mendes in the place beyond the pines, Ryan Gosling in Barbie.
Credit: Focus Features, Warner Bros.

If you have any children in your life, you’ve inevitably come across a friendly, cartoon Australian Blue Heeler named Bluey. In her show, aptly named Bluey, the colorful pooch goes through the ups and downs of puppyhood with her friends and family by her side. The show is currently extremely popular for some families with a Disney+ subscription, and even A-listers are a part of the Bluey bubble.  According to Ryan Gosling, his kids had an interesting reaction when his wife and Place Beyond the Pines costar, Eva Mendes, made a cameo on the show.

When Mendes voiced the role of a yoga teacher in 2021, their two children, Esmeralda Amada and Amada Lee, were less than enthusiastic. Per an interview Gosling gave to People, they were initially very bullish about Mendes tackling a gig the kids could watch:

Eva was on an episode of Bluey. We both thought it was going to be huge.

The three-time Oscar nominee added that the kids wanted him to skip over her part altogether.

They didn't like it. They were like, ‘Fast-forward through that part!’

Despite their disinterest in their mother’s role in the show, Gosling later revealed that they did have something to say about his role in the action film The Fall Guy where he starred alongside Emily Blunt (our interview).

My kids didn't want me to be set on fire. They were like, ‘No. No fire.’ So I didn't do it.

As it turns out, the Gosling kids aren't the only Hollywood children who are quite blasé about watching the work of their famous parents. Good Will Hunting Oscar winner and all-around movie star Matt Damon appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers and said in an interview his teenage daughter doesn’t watch the movies that he is supposedly “good” in, remarking, "If I get bad reviews in something, that’s the one she wants to see."

He went on to say that once she referred to one of his movies, The Great Wall, as simply The Wall. When corrected, she said, “Dad, there is nothing great about that movie.” Ouch.

Coincidentally, Damon’s best friend and Good Will Hunting co-writer Ben Affleck has had similar reactions from his children viewing his work. In an interview with EW that Damon actually conducted, Affleck said that his children enjoyed his film 1998 film Armageddon, but still teased him about its plot.

‘What are you, driving a tank on the moon?’ But they had fun, you know what I mean? They won't even watch The Town. So there you have it.

Personally, I think I can sympathize with where the Gosling, Damon, and Affleck children are coming from. To them, their parents may have fallen in love under the Hollywood spotlight, but a job is just a job. Having famous parents is not glamorous and exciting like it is to us non-Hollywood folk. Perhaps when they get older, they will want to check out their parents' IMDB pages and see what they've missed out on all this time.