Ryan Hall backed to silence critics after Hull KR great scrutinised

Willie Peters has backed Ryan Hall to rediscover top form after a difficult afternoon at the office last week. The winger, one of Super League's all-time greats, was one of several players to make a costly error in last week's Challenge Cup loss.

He was subsequently unable to stop a first-half try when a kick went over his head in what was a difficult afternoon in general for the Robins. As a result, his performances have been scrutinised in recent weeks.

While Peters didn't dispute the fact that Hall could improve, he insisted he wasn't the only one who had work to do on their recent form.

"I don't need to tell Hally if he's played well or not because he's very honest," Peters said. "Collectively, it hasn't helped; in our last two weeks overall, our team performance hasn't been great, so I don't think it's right to single Hally out individually.

"Nobody means to go out and make errors, depending on what the area is, but if you break them down, is age anything to do with a certain error? I don't think so. There's no doubt that Hally isn't as quick as he was ten years ago, but he's signed a contract with Leeds for next year and is going to go around again. He's the one who said he'll pull stumps when he can't go around again anymore. He's 36, but he's certainly still a Super League player.

"There's no doubt that Hally can improve certain parts of his game, but that's not down to his age; there's things in his game, like every player in our team the last few weeks. But there's not many wingers with the carry Hally has and I'm sure we'll see that again this weekend.

"Naturally, when you play big games, you don't get as much space and time. Wigan did a great job on him and they know he's a threat. If you look at Wigan's tip sheet, I'm sure off the back of their kick chase they'll be on about winning Ryan Hall's carry. If they're doing that, he's still got something to say in the game."

Now 36, Hall's performances will naturally come under scrutiny. However, Peters has no doubts that the winger's importance and value remain strong for his team.

"He's done it for 18 years, so for me, players, that's what they do. There will be fans who have their say on individuals and coaches. A few weeks ago we were going to win the comp and now we're not.

"It's up to us to prove people wrong and put in a strong performance. Hally is the same, he'll be looking for a better performance this week. He knows the score, he's been doing it for 18 years, he'll know if he's not playing as well as he can, and I'm not singling Ryan Hall at all, but I'm sure teams like London will be on about winning Ryan Hall's carry on play two. He's still holding his own, but there's no doubt he'll know he's not played as well as he can the last two weeks."

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