Ryan Reynolds Is Battling Deadpool 3 Leaks With Is Own Bonkers Set Photos

 Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman as Deadpool and Wolverine in Deadpool 3.
Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman as Deadpool and Wolverine in Deadpool 3.

Deadpool 3 is a movie so full of rumors and leaks that it’s legitimately difficult to keep up on them all, even when doing so is part of your actual job. There are so many reports of which of various actors will appear in the movie that one has to wonder if there will be anything about the movie we don’t know by the time it actually comes out next year. And now Ryan Reynolds is trying to do his part to stop the leaks, by creating his own.

In a Twitter thread, Ryan Reynolds uses several hashtags, including #DeadpoolSpoilers and #DeadpoolLeaks to reveal “details” about the movie himself. These include a series of what appear to be actual behind-the-scenes shots, that have been altered to include “cameos” from the likes of Mickey Mouse, The Predator, and Steve Urkel. In the first post, Reynolds jokes that people should not overuse certain hashtags so that people can find real spoilers if they go looking. The actor says…

Deadpool began with a leak. So I’m joining in. But PLEASE don’t overuse the phrase, “Deadpool Leaks” because it might screw up search results if anyone is looking for Deadpool leaks or Deadpool spoilers or perhaps, Deadpool Scoops.

It’s actually a fairly brilliant move. By using these hashtags, that people trying to post spoilers might actually use, Ryan Reynolds has a chance to actually trump them all. Any post from Reynolds, with his over 21 million followers, is going to get a lot of interaction, thus putting it at the top of any search results for anybody actually searching these hashtags, putting any other attempts to spoil the movie further down the list.

At this point, it seems every actor who has ever appeared, or been rumored to appear, in a superhero movie is set to be part of the Deadpool 3 cast. Among the Deadpool 3 details we do know, or firmly expect to be true, its believed Hugh Jackman's return as Wolverine will be part of a larger multiverse-style story. It's been said Jackman himself will play multiple versions of his character, and we are expecting a lot of cameos to be part of all this. The question is which cameos will we actually get?

The rumor mill has been going so crazy that director Shawn Levy is actually happy there are so many rumors, because it’s become impossible to guess which are real and which are not, meaning audiences will still ultimately be surprised when they see the finished product.

Intentionally creating fake leaks, as Reynolds has done here, will certainly muddy the waters even more when it comes to trying to figure out what’s real. In the end, most people won’t really know what’s going to happen in Deadpool 3 which is exactly the point.