Ryan Reynolds Has A Classic Kevin Feige Joke After Getting To Go On 'Vacation' For Deadpool 3

Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios’ Deadpool & Wolverine is so close that fans can probably taste it at this point and, at this point, its imminent release is starting to feel more real. That’s because the cast and crew are in the early stages of conducting press for the flick. Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman and director Shawn Levy just officially kicked off the tour by heading over to Seoul, South Korea. Reynolds has already taken to social media to share tidbits from the group’s experience in the country. Not only that, but he also made a truly classic Kevin Feige joke while musing about essentially being on “vacation” while promoting the 2024 movie release.

While in South Korea, the trio got to take in all that the WaterBOMB Festival had to offer. The Wade Wilson actor posted about the experience on Instagram and shared some truly sweet snapshots from the festivities. His post was also quite lovely and encapsulates just how much he seems to enjoy his job. But, of course, it wouldn’t be a Ryan Reynolds post without a cheeky quip of sorts. And the playful jab he took at the head of Marvel Studios head is so great:

When @thehughjackman told me we were going to a Waterboarding Festival, I was confused, scared and also pretty damn scared. He knows how much I love #DeadpoolAndWolverine. I’ll do anything to promote it. You can imagine my relief when we arrived at the WaterBOMB Festival in Seoul, South Korea: The coolest, most charming mix of K-pop, water-fights, dancing and joy. Promoting a film is supposed to be WORK but Marvel’s paying for us to go on the greatest vacation of our lives. Someone is for sure getting fired over there. Probably Kevin Feige.

So the A-lister jokingly suggested that Kevin Feige is the person to blame for the cast of Deadpool & Wolverine slacking off amid their press responsibilities. I’m pretty sure the boss at Marvel Studios doesn’t have to worry about being fired, given that he is the man that helped usher the Merc with a Mouth into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Not to mention, he’s also produced some of the highest grossing films of all time.) Nevertheless, it’s funny to see the Proposal alum humorously knock Feige and, as previously mentioned, more jokes like that will be present within the film itself.

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Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in Deadpool & Wolverine

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On a more serious note though, it’s so cool that Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman and co. get to have such experiences while promoting the upcoming Marvel movie. To think that engaging with the public in such a way is actually part of their job is kind of wild when you really think about it. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit envious, but I certainly won’t knock them for living their best lives while putting in the work.

Ryan Reynolds may have joked about Kevin Feige but, in actuality, the two have a lot of respect for each other. When Feige got real about Deadpool being brought into the MCU, he discussed his close collaboration with Reynolds, who’s very protective of Wade Wilson and his world. Feige noted that he and the folks at the studio were indeed playing on “Ryan’s turf” and aimed to tread lightly. Based on the trailer for D&W, I’d say that both parties found a sweet balance.

It’s fair to assume that the actors and filmmakers behind the highly anticipated Marvel film have a lot more work to do as far as press obligations are concerned. Though if it continues to feel like a “vacation,” I’m sure it’ll be easy for them. And I’m sure Kevin Feige will be watching intently as the promo tour continues.

Deadpool & Wolverine opens in theaters on July 26, so be sure to grab those tickets now! You can also prep for the movie by streaming the franchise’s first two installments using a Disney+ subscription.