Ryan Reynolds joining Tumblr sparks debate about the platform’s future

Ryan Reynolds was criticised for listing all his brands on Tumblr  (Getty Images for the Met Museum/)
Ryan Reynolds was criticised for listing all his brands on Tumblr (Getty Images for the Met Museum/)

Ryan Reynolds joining Tumblr has received a mixed response from fans of the social media platform.

In the wake of Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase, a number of celebrities have pledged to quit the app. But Reynolds is the first celebrity to create a Tumblr blog in recent years, sparking fears that a celebrity exodus from Twitter will flood on to Tumblr feeds.

Tumblr, especially at its peak in the early 2010s, has been a space for fans of TV shows and movies to share photos, videos, GIFs, fan art and text posts about their favourite actors and characters.

It’s also been a space to share artistic images relating to fashion, art, travel and more, with likeminded bloggers interested in the same community. But crucially, unlike social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, Tumblr has never been about following celebrities and influencers.

Therefore, having a Hollywood star like Ryan Reynolds join Tumblr has naturally stirred a debate. A number of people are unhappy about him joining and fear what it means for the future of the platform.

Shishirona said: “Ryan Reynolds being on Tumblr and listing all his brands in his description shows that he has no idea how Tumblr works.”

CharlieKellys said: “Not the celebrities leaving Twitter because of Elon why is Ryan Reynolds on Tumblr.”

Twitter user 028doom said: “Ryan Reynolds joining Tumblr is funny but I fear it is just the beginning of a new Tumblr era. Where Twitter celebrities start trying to join and be cool.”

KLSomniate said: “Ryan Reynolds has a Tumblr and everyone there is currently panicking that more celebrities will invade the site.

“It’s the beginning of the end, man. Once those annoying verified celebrity accounts are on Tumblr, it’s over. Everything that made Tumblr fun will be gone.”

However, others think that if any celebrity were to join Tumblr, Ryan Reynolds is the ideal candidate.

Korvytron said: “Honestly if any celebrity was gonna join tumblr and kinda fit in it was gonna be Ryan Reynolds.”

RenTheBarbarian said: “Tumblr users mad that Ryan Reynolds joined Tumblr like he isn’t if Tumblr was a person.”

AntiHeroZayn said: “Ryan Reynolds creating a Tumblr is actually perfect this is his niche lmao.”

Mrkgrl said: “It really didn’t take long for Ryan Reynolds to s***post on his own tumblr, huh? I kinda want to keep him there, he fits in with us lol. I wonder how many more will jump ship now that Ewron Murk is in charge.”