Ryan Reynolds paid £7,500 so Deadpool could wear Bea Arthur T-shirt

Ryan Reynolds paid £7,500 so Deadpool could wear Bea Arthur T-shirt

Ryan Reynolds paid £7,500 for permission to wear a T-shirt with Bea Arthur’s face on it in his Marvel film Deadpool.

Last week, a Twitter user named Eric Alper tweeted the interesting bit of comic book movie trivia, with Reynolds quick to confirm the fact.

“And per Bea’s family, the money went to her favourite charity,” Reynolds replied.

The T-shirt worn by Reynolds’ character Wade Wilson featured a black and white portrait of the Golden Girls star, who died in 2009.

As per reports, Reynolds holds a special place for Arthur in his heart.

When Red Notice director Rawson Marshall Thurber sent Reynolds the script for their recent Netflix film, he made a joke about the actor’s admiration for the late comedian.

“If you want to do [Red Notice], you don’t have to call me back, just send me a topless picture of Bea Arthur and I’ll know you’re in,” Thurber said, according to ScreenRant.

Earlier this month, Reynolds was called out by his “rival” Hugh Jackman after a billboard for Red Notice was positioned outside of Jackman’s New York apartment.

The two actors have engaged in a playful feud over the years, exchanging comic digs at one another’s films over social media.

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