Ryan Seacrest Still Isn’t Wearing Socks

Today we’re examining new evidence in our ongoing investigation as to why Ryan Seacrest refuses to put on a pair of socks. The sockless suspect went on The Tonight Show, and Jimmy Fallon was brave enough to broach the subject.

Ryan Seacrest explains why he’s walking around NYC without socks. (Photo: NBC)

“There’s a big controversy going around, I don’t know if you heard this, about you, uh, not wearing socks,” Fallon said. Seacrest replied that a friend of him told him it was the style in New York, and if he did it on Live With Kelly, people would love it. Well a lot of them didn’t and have been tweeting their displeasure ever since.

Watch: ‘Live’ Asks Viewers if Ryan Seacrest Should Wear Socks (Because He Should)

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