Ryan Thomas was too full for filming

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Ryan and Adam Thomas have been sharing their OREO twists credit:Bang Showbiz
Ryan and Adam Thomas have been sharing their OREO twists credit:Bang Showbiz

Ryan Thomas “couldn’t eat” Christmas dinner on camera because he’d stuffed himself during rehearsals.

The 38-year-old star – who played Ryan Grimshaw on ‘Coronation Street’ until 2016 – couldn’t resist tucking into a festive feast while preparing for a scene, but he came a cropped when presented with the same plate during filming, only to find his appetite had gone.

He admitted: “I’ve made the mistake of eating too much Christmas dinner in the rehearsal so when it came to a take I couldn’t eat anymore.”

And his brother Adam – who plays Donte Charles in ‘Waterloo Road’ and previously starred in ‘Emmerdale’ as Adam Barton – has learned to take it easy when he does have to eat on camera because it could go wrong if the scene requires multiple takes.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “The problem is if you’re eating in a scene you have to be careful because you may have to do a few takes so you could get full!

“But all food on set is edible – well, some of it.”

Ryan loves experimenting with food and has come up with some unusual twists on classic snacks in order to mix his love of both sweet and salty flavours.

He said: “I actually first discovered OREO twists online- I saw someone on twitter dunking their OREO Cookie in orange juice and thought I have to give this a try!

“I’ve always been a big fan of experimenting with different twists on my snacks so I tried switching out the boring crackers, on my cheese board, with OREO Cookies and it was unreal.

“My son Roman loves pairing Hummus and Strawberries!

“I love mixing sweet and salty flavours so this swalty combo really hit the spot for me.”

And though his experiments have inspired Adam, he admitted he goes for a more orthodox twist.

Adam said: “When Ryan told me he tried out dunking his OREO Cookies in orange juice - I had to share my own twist.

“I’m big on sweet flavours, so I prefer to stick to more desert-like combinations. It's all about topping with Squirty Cream for me. And I always eat it in one bite!”

Head to @OreoUki for more OREO twist inspirations and share your favourite OREO twists on social channels with the hashtag #OREOtwists’

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