Ryanair passenger films baggage handler stealing from suitcase

A plane passenger has filmed a baggage handler taking an item out of a traveller’s luggage and slipping it into his pocket.

The video, taken by a Ryanair passenger on a flight from Ibiza to Madrid, shows the handler attempting to discreetly zip open a bag on the luggage trolley he is standing beside.

The worker can then be seen in the footage, obtained by local publication Diario de Ibiza, digging around in the suitcase before pocketing what is reported to be a speaker.

Footage shows the baggage handler unzip a suitcase which is on a luggage trolley before digging around inside it. Source: Diario de Ibiza

Following the incident on Friday morning, the passenger filming alerted a flight attendant.

According to the Sun, the property was returned to its owner after the airport worker confessed to police about the alleged theft.

A passenger filmed the airport worker putting the item into their pocket. Source: Diario de Ibiza

A mother who had bought the speaker as a gift for her son’s birthday said she was “very grateful” for it being given back.

“The police told me it was the third day the man had been working at the airport and returned the speaker to me immediately,” the woman said. 

It is reported that the baggage handler has been fired and is facing trial.