Ryanair passenger gets £120 luggage fine despite having 'approved' bag

A Ryanair passenger has been hit by a cruel £120 fine - despite carrying a bag which meets the airline's criteria. A Ryanair passenger says he will "never" fly with the airline again after a £120 luggage fine – despite having an "approved" bag.

David C and his wife were said to be furious after being fined for oversized luggage on their return flight from Majorca to Manchester last month. The pair were flying from Majorca Airport to Manchester when they were fined.

They were asked to put their luggage in the bag size checkers at the airport. The pair had paid for specific bags that were Ryanair hand luggage compliant to prevent them from having to worry about paying extra at the airport.

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The bags they selected were the Coolife cabin suitcases, which are 55x40x20cm in size, matching the 10kg bags the airline permits people to have on board. At the Balearic Island airport, the couple were told that their cases were over the size limit and they were forced to pay €69.99 each, totalling €139.98 (£119).

David told the Mirror: "We had no choice as the flight was closing at this stage but to hand them a debit card and pay €140.00. I have never felt so intimidated. It spoilt our day. I'll do everything I can to avoid Ryanair in the future. Their attitude suggests that we need them more than they need us... Unsuspecting customers should be forewarned and book elsewhere, if they can."

A spokesperson for Ryanair said that the pair had been "correctly" charged for their luggage, which they were adamant was over the size limits. They said: “These passengers booked a priority fare for this flight from Palma to Manchester (24 May), which allowed each of them to carry a small personal bag and a 10kg cabin bag onboard.