Ryanair's 'strict hand luggage rule' that could cost Scottish holidaymakers £70

Photo shows Ryanair desk at airport
Photo shows Ryanair desk at airport -Credit:AP

Holidaymakers flying with Ryanair should be aware of a stringent luggage rule that could hit your holiday budget before you've even boarded the plane.

Ryanair is infamous for its strict hand luggage policy, and the airline's baggage limits leave little room for flexibility. One rule in particular has seen passengers with non-compliant bags charged £46 or even £70 at the airport gate.

Travellers have reported having to place their bag in a measuring crate before they board to ensure it fits the luggage allowance paid for on booking. The blue crates are often placed at check-in desks and at the airport gate and bear the slogan 'if it fits, it flies'.

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Passengers whose bags don't fit in the compartment will be charged an oversized luggage fee. Some passengers on social media have reported having to pay when their suitcases were only slightly too big, with wheels overhanging or pockets protruding.

Holidaymakers who don't pay extra to upgrade their hand luggage are only entitled to a small personal bag, measuring a maximum 40x20x25cm. This can be a laptop bag, a small suitcase or a rucksack like this £21 Amazon Cabin Bag or this £140 Chelsea Backpack from luxury luggage brand Antler, reports Birmingham Live.

It just needs to fit under the seat in front of you on the plane.

Alternatively, passengers can opt for priority boarding, which starts from £6 at the time of booking. This allows you to bring a small personal bag as well as a cabin suitcase measuring up to 55x40x20cm, such as Antler's Ryanair and Jet2-approved Clifton Cabin Bag, available in six colours and priced at £170.

This bag can weigh up to 10kg and must be stored in the overhead lockers during the flight.

Those who flout these rules and bring an oversized bag to the airport could face charges of up to £70. If you refuse to pay, your bag will be rejected at the gate and you won't be allowed to bring it on board.

The fee for oversized baggage varies depending on the route and date of travel. However, non-Priority customers who haven't added a bag to their booking can avoid a higher charge by purchasing a 10kg bag at the airport bag drop desk for £35.99.

If you take the bag to the gate without paying for it, you'll be charged £46. If your 10kg bag exceeds the dimensions of 55x40x20cm, you'll be hit with a £70 charge.