Ryder Cup 2023 LIVE! Latest reaction, results and updates after Team Europe seal big win over USA in Rome

Ryder Cup 2023 LIVE! Latest reaction, results and updates after Team Europe seal big win over USA in Rome

Ryder Cup 2023 - LIVE!

Europe regained the Ryder Cup after Tommy Fleetwood’s singles victory got Luke Donald’s side over the line in Rome. It felt far more nervy than perhaps was anticipated or the eventual scoreline of 16.5-11.5 suggested, as Luke Donald’s side began the day requiring four points having dominated the opening two days.

It was apt that some standout-out players this weekend - Viktor Hovland, Jon Rahm, Rory McIlroy, Tyrrell Hatton and Fleetwood – should be among those to give them the singles points needed for victory. Fleetwood’s match with Rickie Fowler went on another hole but he won that to take Europe to 15 points and spark wild celebrations at the Marco Simone Golf and Country Club in Rome.

It set up a seventh consecutive win on home soil for Europe, with a new-look side devoid of many of its past established stars and yet gelling when it mattered.

Ryder Cup 2023 latest news

  • Fleetwood secures Ryder Cup win for Team Europe!

  • Rahm and Scheffler A/S after thrilling match

  • Hovland dominant against Morikawa

  • McIlroy beats Burns for fourth points

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17:23 , Matt Verri

Europe regained the Ryder Cup after Tommy Fleetwood’s birdie on the 16th ensured at least a half-point to guarantee the team could get the 14.5 points for victory.

It felt far more nervy than perhaps was anticipated or the eventual scoreline of 16.5-11.5 suggested, as Luke Donald’s side began the day requiring four points having dominated the opening two days.

It was apt that some standout-out players this weekend - Viktor Hovland, Jon Rahm, Rory McIlroy, Tyrrell Hatton and Fleetwood – should be among those to give them the singles points needed for victory.

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New York next...

17:20 , Matt Verri

The 2023 Ryder Cup is over after Team Europe reclaimed the crown in Rome, and now attention turns to 2025 and the rematch in New York.

Bethpage Black Course in the Long Island city of Farmingdale will host the next Ryder Cup in two years’ time.

Read more on that right here!

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Europe have the Ryder Cup back!

17:15 , Matt Verri

All friends again now...

17:12 , Matt Verri

There was a bit of frustration last night, but that’s all gone now.

Plenty of these players are close friends with each other - that was parked to one side for a week, but all friendly again now.

As Steve Stricker embraced Rory McIlroy, it sounded as those the Northern Irishman revealed he had messaged Patrick Cantlay’s caddie Joe LaCava to clear the air.

Head back in the game!

17:09 , Matt Verri

17:04 , Matt Verri

“Two more years” is the chant started by Rory McIlroy and his team-mates, as Luke Donald begins his victory speech.

They want him in charge when Team Europe head to Bethphage in 2025 - he’s definitely deserved it!

Justin Rose on yesterday’s car-park fun...

17:03 , Matt Verri

“Things bubbled over for a short minute [last night]. Joe [Cantlay’s caddie] would probably admit that. He and Patrick have been absorbing a lot this week with the hats and from the crowd. When your player does somehting incredible on 18, it is easy to get carried away.

“It’s cliche but hats off to Patrick. He’s tough. Great player.

“I played with Patrick and Joe today and they were perfect gentleman. I threw everything I had at them today. Patrick is a hell of a golfer and a tough competitor.”

Start the party...

17:00 , Matt Verri

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Those last three matches crucial!

16:53 , Matt Verri

Matt Majendie in Rome

16:52 , Matt Verri

Emotional moment before the trophy presentation as Tommy Fleetwood and Francesco Molinari have a long and emotional embrace.

Five years ago the pair had been the stars together for Europe.

Lowry reflects on chaotic scenes...

16:48 , Matt Verri

“That was the worst two hours of my whole career! Tommy, Bob and I joked having lunch that we hope it doesn’t come down to us and we’re celebrating all the way down the back nine. But it did!

“I felt like I did a lot of good stuff today and am very proud of myself and the way I fought. Jordan Spieth is such a good competitor but I will never stop fighting.

“I was disappointed to lose the last hole but how are you supposed to play it with those scenes? It was carnage. I felt bad for Jordan but that’s how it is. Sure in two years time at Bethphage, they will be on their side.”

Shane Lowry not too bothered about that hole!

16:37 , Matt Verri

Reaction from Tommy Fleetwood

16:31 , Matt Verri

“I didn’t want it to come down to one of us at the back.

“I can’t wait to see the rest of the guys, the captain, the vice captains, our wives, our families and the staff. I’m so happy to play a part in it. It’s been a bit bigger than I thought it would be when I saw the draw.

“I’m so proud. We have an amazing group of people, we always do. This year has been very different and the landscape has changed for Team Europe but I couldn’t wish for a better bunch of people to do with this.

“We are one gigantic family and the bonds you make last a lifetime. This is just so cool.”

Team Europe 16½-11½ Team USA

16:25 , Matt Verri

There it is!

Europe win the Ryder Cup by a five-point margin.

Lowry loses the final hole so his match finishes all-square, he doesn’t care one bit!

MacIntyre beats Clark 2&1!

16:23 , Matt Verri

Brilliant from Robert MacIntyre, he finishes unbeaten in his first Ryder Cup.

Clark fell away a bit late on the back nine, but MacIntyre couldn’t care less. He picks up a full point.

Just one match left on course...

16:22 , Matt Verri

Fleetwood in tears as he embraces Jose Maria Olazabal, who is also crying his eyes out. This means so much to the Europeans.

Luke Donald has said this is the best moment of his career, he too was struggling to speak after victory was finally secured.

Going to be a serious party tonight. And tomorrow. And the day after. And the day after that.

The winning moment!

16:18 , Matt Verri

Fleetwood beats Fowler 3&1!

16:16 , Matt Verri

And now it is official!

Fleetwood beats Fowler 3&1, it’s a full point and Europe have now reached that magical mark.

Europe 15-11 USA. Fleetwood a fitting hero.

16:15 , Matt Verri

Lowry is playing the 18th, but he’s hugging everyone he can find as he walks down the fairway.

He could not care less if he makes a ten on that hole right now, he just wants it done as quickly as possible. Start the party!

MacIntyre vs Clark

16:12 , Matt Verri

Hole 15, Europe 1UP

The blue is returning to the board!

Luke Donald in tears as he reflects on the victory, wild scenes across the course. There is still golf going on though!

Clark misses from six feet and MacIntyre edges in front in that final match.

Lowry vs Spieth

16:09 , Matt Verri

Hole 17, Europe 1UP

And now the party really has started!

Lowry rolls the par putt in from 15 feet, he knows it’s in as soon as he hits it.

He is jumping up and down everywhere, lifts Hojgaard into the air!

Thomas beats Straka 2UP!

16:08 , Matt Verri

Thomas gets the job done on the 18th green, he’s beaten Straka.

It doesn’t matter though, the European celebrations are well underway...


16:07 , Matt Verri

Fleetwood vs Fowler

16:05 , Matt Verri

Hole 16, Europe 2UP

Fowler with a decent one from the drop zone, but Fleetwood has two putts for the hole. Rolls it up... putt given!


He still has to play the 17th, but Fleetwood has guaranteed at least a half and the Ryder Cup is back in European hands!

Lowry vs Spieth

16:03 , Matt Verri

Hole 17, A/S

Lowry pulls his approach left, bounces off the slope and that rolls away to the flat below the green. Big mistake.

Even bigger one from Spieth, who has followed him! Just had to hit it out to the right.

Fleetwood vs Fowler

16:02 , Matt Verri

Hole 16, Europe 1UP

No hint of a safe approach from Fleetwood, he’s gone straight at it.

IT’S SENSATIONAL! Driver lands on the green, holds the back edge and comes back in off the slope. He’s got 25 feet for eagle. Incredible shot.

Fleetwood vs Fowler

16:00 , Matt Verri

Hole 16, Europe 1UP

Fowler first up on the driveable par-four.

SPLASH. He’s sliced that into the water, knew as soon as he hit it.

Fleetwood just needs to find dry land!

Straka vs Thomas

15:59 , Matt Verri

Hole 18, USA 1UP

Advantage Europe after the tee shots.

Straka gets himself up by the green with the second, he’s found the bunker. That’s not too bad there.

Thomas can only splash out of the sand in the fairway, leaves himself a wedge.

Lowry vs Spieth

15:56 , Matt Verri

Hole 16, A/S

Now then! Lowry with magic hands as ever, chip rolls out to within kick-in range. He’s in for birdie.

Spieth faces a really tough one of his own, tries to get too cute and he leaves it in the rough! Big moment. Has to hole this one to halve it.

Only about a foot from doing so, but Lowry has the hole and the match is all-square again!

Fleetwood vs Fowler

15:54 , Matt Verri

Hole 15, Europe 1UP

Fleetwood can move two up with this birdie putt - pretty timid. Leaves it short, drifts away to the right.

Fowler with five feet to tidy up for par, sinks that confidently. Fleetwood can’t pull away in this one, Fowler still within one.

MacIntyre vs Clark

15:53 , Matt Verri

Hole 14, A/S

One bit of blue on the board has gone.

MacIntyre from three feet, might even be less than that. He’s lipped out! Clark levels the final match.

Straka vs Thomas

15:52 , Matt Verri

Hole 18, USA 1UP

Straka safely in the fairway, his first job is done on the 18th. He wins this hole, the Ryder Cup will be settled.

Thomas steps off his tee shot, doesn’t look some noise coming from the crowd. At the second time of asking, he sends it into the bunker down the left.

Will have to lay-up now.

Schauffele beats Hojgaard 3&2!

15:49 , Matt Verri

Team USA into double figures.

Schauffele started terrible but he got it together and it’s turned into a comfortable win in the end.

Hojgaard’s Ryder Cup debut ends in defeat.

Straka vs Thomas

15:48 , Matt Verri

Hole 17, USA 1UP

Thomas with the opportunity to win this match on the 17th green.

No! He thought he’d holed it, but that slides by on the high side. They are going to the 18th - Straka can still win the Ryder Cup for Europe.

Fleetwood vs Fowler

15:47 , Matt Verri

Hole 15, Europe 1UP

Fleetwood from the middle of the fairway, that’s just what he needed. Second shot is arrowed at the flag, big chance to make birdie from there.

Fowler does incredibly well to make the green from the bunker, but he’s got a monster putt coming up.

Lowry vs Spieth

15:45 , Matt Verri

Hole 15, USA 1UP

Lowry with a glorious chip from the rough, sprints up the hill after it! He’s in for par.

That doesn’t matter though, Spieth drains his birdie putt from distance! And he is pumped.

USA back in front in that match. This thing is swinging all over the place this afternoon.

Straka vs Thomas

15:43 , Matt Verri

Hole 17, USA 1UP

Straka looking to pile the pressure on here, first to hit at the par-three.

Just short of the ridge, needed a yard more and it might have trickled down towards the hole.

Thomas’ shot is on a stunning line, drawing in... sublime! It’s a few inches from rolling off the side of the green, but now it’s perfect.

What a time for it!

15:42 , Matt Verri

Straka vs Thomas

15:39 , Matt Verri

Hole 16, USA 1UP

STRAKA CHIPS IN! That’s an eagle on the 16th, huge roar!

No pressure Justin, you need to match that. Comes up well short, Straka takes the hole and he’s only one down with two to play.

Maybe he’ll be the hero...

Fleetwood vs Fowler

15:38 , Matt Verri

Hole 14, Europe 1UP

And it’s only one in the penultimate match too!

Fowler drains the birdie putt from 20 feet and he’s not done yet either. Dear me, it’s getting very tense.

MacIntyre vs Clark

15:37 , Matt Verri

Hole 13, Europe 1UP

This Ryder Cup is still just about alive.

Clark with a confident putt in the final match, rolls that one in on the 13th and he’s back to just one behind. Team USA need to win every single match from here.

Lowry vs Spieth

15:34 , Matt Verri

Hole 14, A/S

Spieth has a lengthy putt for a tie - no, hits that way too hard and it doesn’t take the break.

Lowry with the big fist pump, he’s back to all-square. Will he be the one to seal the deal for the Europeans?

Koepka beats Aberg 3&2!

15:32 , Matt Verri

And pretty much at the same time, Koepka gets the job done against Aberg.

So then. Team Europe 14-9 Team USA. Game on still.

Homa beats Fitzpatrick 1UP

15:31 , Matt Verri

As clutch as clutch gets!

Homa drains the putt and he seals the narrowest of victories, to ensure Team Europe do not yet get over the finish line.

Fitzpatrick vs Homa

15:31 , Matt Verri

Hole 18, USA 1UP

Fitzpatrick, for the Ryder Cup... rolls by the edge! He looks gutted after that.

Homa then has eight feet or so to seal victory in this match and keep Team USA alive.

Fitzpatrick vs Homa

15:28 , Matt Verri

Hole 18, USA 1UP

Fitzpatrick draws a tough lie, digs the chip out well though and the ball releases to about 15 feet short of the hole. That’ll do.

Homa has an even worse lie, this thing is underground. He’s playing four from here, taken an unplayable.

It’s a magic effort from there, briefly looks to be a danger of holing it. Just rolls on. Fitzpatrick has a putt to win the Ryder Cup!

Hojgaard vs Schauffele

15:26 , Matt Verri

Hole 14, USA 1UP

Hojgaard wants more noise from the crowd!

Knocks in his par putt from a few feet, all of a sudden he’s only one back. Things look a lot prettier for Europe now.

Fleetwood vs Fowler

15:23 , Matt Verri

Hole 13, Europe 2UP

Not Fleetwood’s best, on the putting surface but a lengthy birdie attempt to come.

Fowler goes aggressive, looks to have pulled that long and left. That’s in the thick stuff - no green to work with.

Fitzpatrick vs Homa

15:20 , Matt Verri

Hole 18, USA 1UP

If Matt Fitzpatrick wins this hole, he wins the Ryder Cup for Europe.

Homa in the middle of the fairway on 18, going for the green and that’s a long way right! Flying into the crowd.

Fitzpatrick from the short stuff too, right as well but that’s not quite as wayward. Just into the first cut.

On the verge...

15:18 , Matt Verri

Fleetwood vs Fowler

15:18 , Matt Verri

Hole 12, Europe 2UP

The European nerves are starting to ease.

They need only half a point and they are have a cushion in both of those final two matches.

Fleetwood has a few feet for birdie, no problems in knocking that in.

MacIntyre vs Clark

15:15 , Matt Verri

Hole 11, Europe 2UP

This match is now very, very important.

Clark from close range, lips out! Hammered it and that wasn’t dropping at that speed. MacIntyre two up - big.

Hatton beats Harman 3&2!

15:13 , Matt Verri

Brilliant from Hatton!

Superb today, and all week really. Gets the job done on the 16th green.

Europe up to 14 points - they just need another half for victory. Where is it coming from though?

Fitzpatrick vs Homa

15:12 , Matt Verri

Hole 17, USA 1UP

Homa with a putt to win this match and ensure he doesn’t need to head to the 18th tee.

Good roll at it, slides by on the high side though. Fitzpatrick still has hope of snatching half a point.

Hatton vs Harman

15:11 , Matt Verri

Hole 16, Europe 2UP

Hatton needs to hold on for a full point here, or it’s going to get very nervy!

Harman splashes it bunker shot to 15 feet, Hatton much better than that and he almost holes it... sensational.

Pressure back on Harman.

Lowry vs Spieth

15:11 , Matt Verri

Hole 13, USA 2UP

Lowry hates that, leaks it out to the right and he’s left himself a long old putt.

Spieth takes advantage, sticks it to just outside ten feet on the par-three. He’s firmly in charge of that match.

McIlroy emotional again after win

15:09 , Matt Verri

“Ever since Whistling Straits, I was so disappointed in my performance there so to come here to Rome and get four points for the team means a lot to me and hopefully we can just get it done.

“I feel like it’s a great bounceback for us after what happened. It’s an incredible team, a young team and one that will be around for a long time. The support has been unbelievable.

“It’s also been a great week for me personally. I am now going to go and follow the boys and get them in the house and get this over and done with. We have played the back nine pretty well this week so I have full confidence in the boys to get the job done.”

Hojgaard vs Schauffele

15:07 , Matt Verri

Hole 13, USA 2UP

These middle matches are a sea of red. Team Europe still very much not over the line - as it stands, MacIntyre and Fleetwood will need to both win. They’re only 1UP each.

Hojgaard misses from close range, Schauffele does not and he stays 2UP.

USA fightback is still on.

Aberg vs Koepka

15:05 , Matt Verri

Hole 14, USA 4UP

Aberg with a 15-foot putt to keep this match going... nails it!

Still a mile off getting anything from it, but he’s keeping Koepka honest. Four down, four to play.

Fitzpatrick vs Homa

15:04 , Matt Verri

Hole 16, USA 1UP

Fitzpatrick comes up short with his approach from the drop zone, leaves himself a lengthy par putt. That doesn’t make it to the hole either.

Homa with a chance to go two up with two to play.

Slides by the edge on the high side - the deficit remains at just one!

McIlroy beats Burns 3&1!

14:59 , Matt Verri

WOW. That was inches away, Burns goes for the chip-in and he scares the hole.

Runs on by though, McIlroy has two putts for it and Burns doesn’t need to see that. Concedes it, Europe edge a point closer to victory!

McIlroy finishes the week with four points, and now the emotion comes up. Huge scream and punch of the air.

Fitzpatrick vs Homa

14:57 , Matt Verri

Hole 16, USA 1UP

It’s all going on over at 16!

Fitzpatrick sends his drive into the water, disastrous time for that. But Homa then follows him, even further right and he’s swimming too.

Nerves do funny things...

McIlroy vs Burns

14:56 , Matt Verri

Hole 17, Europe 2UP

That should be that!

Burns blocks his shot out to the right, he’s going to have an incredibly difficult chip from there.

McIlroy takes dead aim, right at it and he’s inside ten feet for birdie.

Cantlay beats Rose 2&1!

14:54 , Matt Verri

Cantlay does it again on 17!

Lovely putt, dead centre and he’s secured Team USA’s first point of the afternoon. Boy did they need that.

McIlroy vs Burns

14:53 , Matt Verri

Hole 16, Europe 2UP

Oh Rory....

Burns in for birdie, Rory has the chance to finally finish the match off.

No, slides by the right edge. Burns is taking him to the 17th, at the very least...

Straka vs Thomas

14:52 , Matt Verri

Hole 12, USA 2UP

Thomas continues to try and wind up the crowd at every opportunity.

Straka misses his par putt, that’s the hole for Thomas and once again he’s tipping his imaginary hat to the European fans.

Rose vs Cantlay

14:51 , Matt Verri

Hole 17, USA 1UP

If Team USA are to have any hope of late drama today, this simply has to be a full point for them.

Rose slightly short with his shot into the par-three, says he caught it heavy. Cantlay looks to have leaked his right, but it takes a lovely kick and comes rolling back towards the hole. In good shape now.

Fitzpatrick vs Homa

14:51 , Matt Verri

Hole 15, USA 1UP

Fitzpatrick rolls it in!

That’s a huge putt on 15, keeps himself bang in that match. Only one down, three to play.

Those matches lower down the board

14:46 , Matt Verri

Ludvig Aberg v Brooks Koepka - USA 3UP (13)

Sepp Straka v Justin Thomas - USA 1UP (11)

Nicolai Hojgaard v Xander Schauffele - USA 1UP (10)

Shane Lowry v Jordan Spieth - USA 2UP (10)

Tommy Fleetwood v Rickie Fowler - Europe 2UP (10)

Robert MacIntyre v Wyndham Clark - Europe 2UP (8)

McIlroy vs Burns

14:45 , Matt Verri

Hole 16, Europe 3UP

Halved hole here and the job is done for McIlroy.

Driveable par-four, Burns first up and he’s off the back of the green. Couldn’t have hit that much better.

McIlroy with three-wood in hand, and he’s nailed that too. Just into the rough on the left of the green.

Rose vs Cantlay

14:42 , Matt Verri

Hole 16, USA 1UP

How does he keep doing this? Clutch putt after clutch putt from Rose.

He drains ANOTHER one from good distance for birdie. Hasn’t given Cantlay his birdie putt either, so the American still needs to clean up from a couple of feet.

He does so. One down, two to play.

Lowry vs Spieth

14:39 , Matt Verri

Hole 10, USA 2UP

Lowry with his fourth shot at the tenth and he’s still not on the green. Nice pitch, in for five but it’s not enough.

Has to concede and Spieth moves two up in that match.

McIlroy vs Burns

14:38 , Matt Verri

Hole 15, Europe 3UP

McIlroy and Burns going toe-to-toe.

Burns piles on the pressure, holding his birdie putt from the best part of 15 feet. McIlroy needs to respond just to halve it... BANG.

He fires the crowd up on his way to the 16th.

Matt Majendie in Rome

14:36 , Matt Verri

There was a moment where Europe were only up in four and the board was looking mightily red, leading to some nervy moments in the camp.

But in the space of five minutes, Rahm has halved his match at the death,

Fleetwood has gone up against Fowler on nine and Hatton is three clear of Open champion Harman with just five to go.

Suddenly momentum is shifting back to the home side.

McIlroy vs Burns

14:32 , Matt Verri

Hole 15, Europe 3UP

Rory is pumped too!

Burns hits one close on 15, but McIlroy just steps up and hits one even closer. Stunning shot. He’s closing in on victory.

Rose vs Cantlay

14:29 , Matt Verri

Hole 15, USA 1UP

There’s an almighty roar on the 15th green, from Rose and the crowd!

He’s rolled in another brilliant putt to win the hole, he’s just one down heading into the final three holes. He believes.

Rahm A/S Scheffler

14:28 , Matt Verri

Scheffler - chip-in and he’s won the match.

Gives it a good go but not to be, the top match finishes level.

That was a heavyweight clash and there’s nothing to split them after 18 holes.

Rahm vs Scheffler

14:26 , Matt Verri

Hole 18, USA 1UP

Top match still in the balance. Scheffler just short of the green in two, Rahm on the putting surface but a long way from the hole.

Scheffler first and that is really clumsy, releases past the hole... and off the putting surface! Lucky that gets caught up in the rough, bit more pace and that was swimming.

So then, over to Rahm. Two putts will surely be enough.

Incredible! He’s about two inches from holing it, sensational putt.

Fitzpatrick vs Homa

14:22 , Matt Verri

Hole 13, USA 1UP

Where has that come from?

Homa with a few feet to take a two-up lead, he’s been rock solid all week but he pushes that.

Fitzpatrick survives, stays within one.

Rose vs Cantlay

14:16 , Matt Verri

Hole 14, USA 2UP

Cantlay an inch away from holing a monster putt. Somehow stays right on the front edge, one more rotation from dropping.

Gives Rose a chance to halve the hole, but it’s not a great putt from the Englishman. Cantlay back to two up.

McIlroy vs Burns

14:16 , Matt Verri

Hole 13, Europe 3UP

Big chances for both to make birdie, after a couple of lovely shots into the par three.

McIlroy first... lips out! Burns sinks his, he gets one back. Still a big ask for him to get anything from that match.

Rahm vs Scheffler

14:15 , Matt Verri

Hole 18, USA 1UP

Right, heading right from Scheffler. Gets a great bounce off someone though, into the second cut and that lie doesn’t look too bad at all. Got away with that.

Rahm needs to find the fairway - does exactly that. Absolutely perfect.

Rahm vs Scheffler

14:11 , Matt Verri

Hole 17, USA 1UP

Not done yet!

Scheffler has a putt to win the match, can’t make it though. Hole is halved.

They’re going to the 18th.

Hatton vs Harman

14:10 , Matt Verri

Hole 11, Europe 2UP

Can Harman do it again? He’s got another putt from distance to halve the hole from nowhere.

Not this time - slides by the edge and Hatton extends his lead.

Rahm vs Scheffler

14:09 , Matt Verri

Hole 17, USA 1UP

It’s advantage Scheffler.

He hits a really nice shot into the par 3, leaves himself about 20 feet for birdie. Rahm leaves his out a bit to the right, got a ridge to contend with too.

Hovland beats Morikawa 4&3!

14:06 , Matt Verri

Morikawa has a putt to extend the match - hates it immediately.

Hovland has the first point of the afternoon, he’s been absolutely sensational over the three days.

Europe three points away now...

Rahm vs Scheffler

14:04 , Matt Verri

Hole 16, USA 1UP

Chipping clinic from these two heavyweights.

Neither in simple spots, but they get up and down with minimal fuss. It’s as you were.

Scheffler one up, two to play.

Fitzpatrick vs Homa

14:01 , Matt Verri

Hole 11, USA 1UP

Struggle from both players on this hole, means that par would be enough for Fitzpatrick to take it.

Only six feet or so, not a range he misses from very often. Dead centre.

Aberg vs Koepka

14:00 , Matt Verri

Hole 10, USA 2UP

Aberg has struggled a bit so far today, missing his partner in crime Hovland.

Nothing wrong with that though, walks in the putt to tie the hole! That was big, keeps himself within touching distance.

Rose vs Cantlay

13:59 , Matt Verri

Hole 13, USA 1UP

This match is getting very interesting all of a sudden!

Cantlay in a terrible position on the par-three, brilliant chip though and he’s left himself six feet for par.

Rose with a chance to make that irrelevant, good look at birdie. This for the hole.

MAKES IT! He’s just one behind now - game on!

Rahm vs Scheffler

13:56 , Matt Verri

Hole 16, USA 1UP

Perfect shot shape from Scheffler, just short of the green though and that settles into the rough.

Rahm... right over the flag! So aggressive. He’s in a great position to chip back to the hole there, advantage Europe.

Hovland vs Morikawa

13:54 , Matt Verri

Hole 14, Europe 3UP

And Morikawa drains a bomb of his own!

Sensational. Well, he’s not done yet. One hole back, he’s clinging on.

Rahm vs Scheffler

13:53 , Matt Verri

Hole 15, USA 1UP


Scheffler rolls it in from distance, he’s edged in front in the top game with just three holes to go.

All of a sudden, it’s getting a bit tighter...

MacIntyre vs Clark

13:52 , Matt Verri

Hole 5, Europe 3UP

MacIntyre having a lovely afternoon in that anchor match.

Clark from 25 feet, needs to drain it to stay only a couple down. He’s absolutely hammered it, still speeding up as it flies past the hole. Bob Mac three up.

Hatton vs Harman

13:50 , Matt Verri

Hole 10, Europe 1UP

Harman needs something special here, in the rough behind the green and he needs to chip in just to halve the hole.

HE DOES CHIP IN! It’s going at some speed, slams into the pin and drops! Well then. Still just the one down.

McIlroy vs Burns

13:48 , Matt Verri

Hole 11, Europe 4UP

Back-to-back birdies for McIlroy, back-to-back holes for McIlroy.

The advantage is four, that point is not far away now. Burns’ race looks to be done.


13:47 , Matt Verri

Hovland vs Morikawa

13:42 , Matt Verri

Hole 13, Europe 4UP

Morikawa misses his birdie attempt, so Hovland has a great look to go five up with five to play.

Hits almost the identical putt to Morikawa, too much pace on that line and it rolls past the hole. The American has a couple of feet to tidy up for par - just about makes that.

Fitzpatrick vs Homa

13:40 , Matt Verri

Hole 10, USA 2UP

It’s all got very ragged from Fitzpatrick.

He was up in this match early, but he’s played a few really poor holes now. Double bogey on ten isn’t going to get it done, Homa in control.

Rose vs Cantlay

13:38 , Matt Verri

Hole 11, USA 3UP

Rose has been right up against it since the first shot in this match, Cantlay giving him nothing.

The American almost holes a point from miles out, but it’s good enough to win the hole anyway as Rose misses his attempt. This one getting away from the European veteran.

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