Rylan Clark-Neal FREAKS OUT On This Morning After A Moth Interrupts His Segment

You know what they say about live television, never work with children or… moths. Unfortunately though, it looks as though Rylan Clark-Neal missed the memo on that one.

The showbiz correspondent had a spectacular meltdown during Wednesday’s episode of This Morning, after a small moth threatened to interrupt his segment (video above).


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The TV presenter was left humiliated, holding his head in hands, after releasing a high-pitched squeal when the flying creature landed on his jumper.

The 27-year-old provided the audience with some unexpected entertainment when he jumped to his feet mid-sentence, screaming for Holly Willoughby to help him.

Sending out an SOS, he screeched: “What! What?! Get it off me!”


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Presenter Holly Willoughby couldn’t quite contain her laughter – and neither could we (sorry Ry).

Meanwhile, Phillip Schofield tried to calm the situation down by reassuring everyone: “It’s a moth, it was a little moth.”


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The CBBBOTS host quickly calmed down and returned to the sofa, where he sheepishly tried to explain his overreaction: “I didn’t know what it was. No, I just really don’t like things like that.”

He then tried to place blame on Holly, who couldn’t see through the tears at this point, saying: “She made it worse because she was pointing!”

Schofe struggled to sympathise, adding: “It was the smallest moth I’ve ever seen.”


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Following the trauma of moth-gate, Rylan managed to redeem his status as a ‘professional’ and speed through the remaining showbiz gossip.

After the show, Rylan wrote on Twitter: “Violated by a moth. @hollywills made that 10 times worse…”

While the This Morning Twitter account published a warning: “Calling all moths… keep away from our Rylan please!”

It’s funny because we never really took Rylan to be much of a drama queen…


…On second thoughts.

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