Rylan Clark-Neal Plans To Have Children With Husband Dan In The 'Near Future'

Ahh, exciting times ahead!

Rylan Clark-Neal has revealed that he plans to have children with his husband Dan Neal in the near future.

This is going to be one seriously trendy baby.

The much-loved TV presenter married Dan eight months ago and feels that they are finally in a comfortable financial position to start a family, however, he is wary of rushing the process.

Rylan shared: “It’s something I’d like to do but only when the time is right. I’ve always said I wouldn’t have kids unless I was in a financial situation where I knew I wouldn’t have to worry, and I’m fortunate enough to be in that now.

"But I have my own 16-year-old stepson, Cameron, who I’ve inherited. I’m sure in the near distant future it’ll happen.”

And Ry reckons Cameron, who has honestly lucked out with the best step-dad in the world, would make a pretty fantastic brother.

He added to new! magazine: “I’m sure [Cameron] would be find with it [if we decided to have a child]. I think he’d love it.”

On Friday Rylan and Dan made TV history as the first gay couple to host This Morning together, standing in for Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford.

The stint proved hugely popular with the viewers but Rylan admitted that it did feel a little odd, explaining: “It was weird. We felt like Ruth and Eamonn. It was really strange. Obviously, me and Dan do a lot of work together away from TV on the development side, so we are used to doing stuff like that.

"But to do stuff on camera together was a little bit strange but I really enjoyed doing it. It was really nice and it felt easy because it was something we both wanted to talk about.”

We only hope that it becomes a more common occurrence.