Rylan 'Cried In His Dressing Room' When Matt Edmondson Announced His Baby Daughter’s Arrival

Matt Edmondson has taken to Twitter to thank well-wishers after the rather publicised birth of his baby daughter.

Admitting that he’d hoped to “fly under the radar” with the arrival of his first child, the star was left with little choice but to go incredibly public after his wife Bryony’s labour meant that he had to pull out of The Xtra Factor Live, leaving co-host Rylan Clark-Neal to fly solo.

Kicking off yesterday’s episode of the ITV2 show, Rylan announced to viewers that he’d been left on his own as Bryony had just gone into labour, forcing Matt to dash off.

At the end of the show, Rylan announced that Matt and Bryony had welcomed a bouncing baby girl, and now Matt has taken to social media to clarify a few things - and to reveal that Rylan had blubbed when he heard the happy news.

Sharing an extended note on Twitter, 30-year-old Matt wrote: “Okay, so I was hoping to fly under the radar with this one, but… I’ve had a baby!

"A really cute one. We always had a two in seven chance that she’d arrive on a day where there was an Xtra Factor Live… What I didn’t expect was for her to hatch her escape plane three weeks early and two hours before the live show!

"I am so, so unbelievably excited about being a Dad and Bryony did the most amazing job ever.

"We had a very peaceful, beautiful home birth with the help of Neighbourhood Midwives (who are worth their weight in gold - seriously) and we are so happy with our little (very little in fact!) girl.

"Anyhow, thanks to Rylan for flying solo (and crying at the news in his dressing room when I told him!) and thanks to all of you who sent me such kind messages.

"You guys are great. A very sleepy Matt X”.

We certainly couldn’t be any happier for the new parents and we can’t wait to hear all about Matt’s bundle of joy in upcoming episodes of The Xtra Factor Live!