Rylan opens up about mental health after divorce

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Rylan opens up about mental health after divorceHamish Frost - BBC

Rylan Clark has opened up about his mental health following his divorce in 2021.

Appearing tonight (March 14) on Emma, Oti and Rylan's Red Nose Day Challenge on BBC One, Rylan was joined by Emma Willis and Oti Mabuse as they attempted to climb the Cairn Gorm mountain in the Scottish Highlands to raise money for Comic Relief.

During training, Rylan spoke to cameras, telling viewers his reasons for embarking on the tough challenge to summit the peak.

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"I've personally had a bad few years, with my own mental health, with my own physical health," Rylan said, referencing the breakdown of his marriage and the mental health struggles he faced in the aftermath.

"I'm looking forward to doing this because I've sort of rebuilt my life, and rebuilt my body, and rebuilt my mind."

After setting off from the town of Braemar, Rylan, Oti and Emma later set up camp after a gruelling first day of hiking.

In the tent, Rylan opened up further, saying: "If I was at home right now, I'd have a bath, watch Keeping Up Appearances, order some food, go bed.

"It's actually really nice having the girls for company. A lot of the nights I spend on my own."

emma willis, oti mabuse, rylan clark, red nose day challenge 2023
Comic Relief/Hamish Frost - BBC

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On day two, when quizzed by Oti about his reasons for climbing the mountain, Rylan said: "The last two years, my whole life completely changed, and the year after it happened, I just wasn't in the best place.

"And now I'm back to feeling normal, and this year I've just gone: 'Say yes to things you would never say yes to.'"

After their three-day expedition was threatened by 80mph winds, the trio of celebs postponed their summit to a fourth day when they finally made it to the top.

If you'd like to donate to Comic Relief now or this Friday night, you can check out their website or text 'HELP' to 70205 to donate £5, 70210 to donate £10, 70220 to donate £20 or 70230 to donate £30.

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