Saboteur left with 'hoof print on his head' after alleged attack by hunt member


Police have launched a probe after a hunt saboteur claimed he was knocked to the ground by a member of a hunt then punched and trampled on by a horse.

The Hunt Saboteur Association claims the alleged victim suffered injuries including ‘a hoof print to his head’.

The man, in his 40s, was rushed to hospital after the incident in Devon on Saturday afternoon, but has since been released.

Trample – hunt saboteur groups claim one of their number was attacked and trampled by a horse (Pictures: SWNS

It is claimed the attack was carried out by a member of the Dart Vale and South Pool Harriers.

South Devon Animals Rights said the saboteurs had been following the hunt when a small group of three were lured into a “premeditated attack”, saying: “The injured sab was punched to the ground before being ridden over by one of the hunt horses.”

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The group went on to claim the protester was “knocked unconscious during the attack, lost response at the local hospital and was losing blood, so was rushed by ambulance to Derriford Hospital.

“He also sustained a hoof print to his head. He is now out of hospital and recovering. He received a badly broken nose and severe bruising to his face, head and body.”

Injured – the hunt saboteur was apparently left with a hoof mark to his face

The organisation says police are investigating the alleged attack after being called by other members of the group.

Lee Moon, a spokesman for the Hunt Saboteur Association, said: “This was clearly a premeditated attack by a hunt that have been put under increasing pressure by South Devon Animal Rights.

“Unable to kill with impunity they are taking out their frustrations on those that stop them.”

Investigation – Police have launched a probe into the alleged attack

A police spokesman said: “We are investigating an allegation of an assault following an incident that took place near a farm in South Pool, Kingsbridge, at around 3.40pm on Saturday, January 13.

“A man in his 40s sustained facial injuries and was taken to Derriford Hospital. We would like to hear from anyone who witnessed the incident.”

The Dart Vale and South Pool Harriers have been contacted for comment.