Safety First: Fawn Looks Both Ways Before Crossing Tennessee Road

A Tennessee native had her lunch break interrupted by the adorable sight of a fawn crossing the road in front of her home, but not before the young deer followed road safety best practices, looking both ways before making a dash for it.

Holly R Price of Greenbrier, Tennessee, told Storyful she was sitting on her front porch eating her lunch, when she “saw this little fawn come around the corner of my house” on July 1.

She started taking a video “after it crossed over the road” to her neighbor’s home and that’s when she captured the fawn looking back and forth before crossing over to her side of the road once more.

When Price’s footage was shared by local channel WZTV FOX 17 News, viewers divided attention between being concerned for the whereabouts of the fawn’s mother, and being impressed at its safety-first attitude to crossing the street.

“Momma is going to be mad but at least it looked both ways before crossing the street,” one comment noted. Credit: Holly R Price via Storyful

Video transcript


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