Safiyya Vorajee: I took one look at Azaylia and knew it was the day she would die

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Safiyya Vorajee  on the pain of losing the daughter she had with Ex on the Beach star Ashley Cain credit:Bang Showbiz
Safiyya Vorajee on the pain of losing the daughter she had with Ex on the Beach star Ashley Cain credit:Bang Showbiz

Safiyya Vorajee "took one look" at daughter Azaylia and knew it was her final day.

The 34-year-old influencer welcomed Azaylia back in August 2020 with her reality star ex Ashley Cain, 31, but the tot was diagnosed acute myeloid leukaemia at just eight weeks old and - despite two rounds of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant - passed away in April 2021 at aged eight months.

In an extract from her new book 'Loving And Losing You obtained by The Sun newspaper', Safiyya wrote: "It was April 24, 2021, and I took one look at Azaylia and knew that this was the day. She was pale and had a vulnerable look about her. Her breathing had become very slow and shallow. When her breaths finally stopped coming, Ashley and I lay either side of her on the bed, wrapping our arms around her gently. ‘We love you,’ we told her. ‘We love you, Azaylia."

Safiyya went on to explain that just as their daughter due to "ring the bell" - a symbol in the NHS that a patient has been declared cancer-free - a doctor came to break the news that the leukaemia had returned.

The family launched an appeal to raise funds for pioneering treatment in Singapore and while they vert quickly raised over £1.5 million via a GoFundMe page, the couple were dealt a further blow when the cancer spread and rendered the treatment useless.

She continued: "Within three hours we raised a million pounds. That money meant we were able to arrange for the treatment in Singapore. But while I was organising the trip, we had another devastating blow — Azaylia’s cancer had spiked out of control and the Singapore treatment could no longer help her. A CT and ultrasound scan had shown that Azaylia had tumours in her brain, her kidneys, her liver and her spleen."

Just two weeks later, Azaylia had passed away from the disease and Safiyya has claimed that since then, she and her footballer ex - who separated less than a year after the tragedy - are now in a "different kind of survival mode" but have used the money that would have gone on the baby's treatment to set up The Azaylia Foundation to help other families.

She wrote: "We were in a different kind of survival mode now. When I finally pulled myself out of bed, I could barely get showered and dressed. We didn’t know what to do or how to cope, and we stayed in the house together, existing as best we could."

"Our aim was not only to help individual children reach their life-saving goals, but to invest in cancer research and innovative treatments to revolutionise care and treatment options for children fighting cancer in the UK."

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