Saga takes 'four months' to repair car after it was hit by uninsured driver

Insurer Saga has taken four months to repair a car as the child of the parents affected hits out. It was hit by an uninsured driver after they bought it to accommodate a wheelchair for the complainant's disabled mother, she told the Guardian.

Writing into the national newspaper consumer affairs section, the child fumed: "My parents’ car was hit by an uninsured driver. They were taken to hospital but suffered no serious injuries. The repair was being organised by their insurer, Saga, but four months later they are still waiting for the return of their damaged vehicle.

"This is causing significant hardship since my mother is disabled and the car, a Volkswagen T-Roc, was recently purchased to accommodate her specialist wheelchair. Saga initially insisted they were only entitled to a compact courtesy car because it had erroneously recorded that my father was at fault for the accident."

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The author went on to fume: It offered him £200 for the “inconvenience” he’d suffered. Since then, the return of the car has been repeatedly delayed with no communication from Saga." They added: "Saga advised that it could do nothing to help, and that in some instances repairs were taking so long that it was writing the car off."

Saga informed the Guardian, when approached, that it had offered the writer's father a larger car during the wait but he declined. In reply, a reader wrote: "The parts shortage has been going on a while. Plenty of time surely to increase manufacturing output.

"More likely is firms don't want to be wasting time and money on providing spares. Perhaps allow third parties to provide spares if the bigboys can't cope with the demand?" A second fumed: "I gave up with SAGA when, years ago, they wanted me to pay them £50 to cancel my insurance policy.

"They wanted me to pay to not be insured my them."