For Sale: Entire French Village At £275,000

Rhiannon Mills, Sky News reporter

Today is the last chance to buy an entire French village that is up for sale for just £275,000 - the same price as some London flats or a detached house in Leeds.

The lucky buyer who snaps up the hamlet of Courbefy, will own 19 buildings including houses and a village hall, as well as a swimming pool, stables and tennis courts.

The village, in the region of Limousin, is now deserted after once being home to around 200 people.

Villagers started to move out during the 1970s when the farming industry took a downturn and plans to turn it into a holiday village in the 1990s also failed.

It is up for sale after the current owner went bankrupt and if it is not sold it will end up in the hands of the Credit Agricole bank.

Robert Mallfont has always lived nearby and remembers when hundreds used to attend the village fetes.

He said: "To see it as it is now is just heartbreaking. To see the neglect, destruction and the vandalism."

With no one now living there at least potential buyers will not have to worry about getting on with the neighbours, however locals did tell one newspaper that Courbefy does get occasional visits from "thieves, drunks and squatters".

An initial asking price of £700,000 failed to get any takers at auction, with the price dropped vendors hope it will attract more bidders.

But surrounded by undergrowth it does need serious renovation.

Saint Nicolas de Courbefy mayor Bernard Guilhem said: "Unfortunately it's been totally abandoned and we're in a region where nature's taking hold quickly.

"Once upon a time it was magnificent with greens everywhere and everyone loved to come for a stroll to have a look around - now everything's gone."

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