Sally Carman laughed at Sir Paul McCartney-like baby on Coronation Street

Sally Carman could barely contain her laughter credit:Bang Showbiz
Sally Carman could barely contain her laughter credit:Bang Showbiz

Sally Carman was given a Sir Paul McCartney lookalike for her birth scene on 'Coronation Street'.

The 40-year-old actress - who plays Abi Franklin on the ITV soap - couldn't contain her laughter after being handed a prosthetic baby that looked like the Beatles icon.

Sally told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "He had a load of black hair - I was in hysterics. He morphed into Paul McCartney. They are so real. They breathe, they've got a pump. It's like a little chicken.

"It's really hard to do without crying because you think 'My god, babies exist at this size and they're so vulnerable'. It was both intense and hilarious."

In the soap, Abi is a recovering drug addict and she wasn't even aware that she was pregnant before the traumatic birth.

And Sally has admitted to being blown away when she first learned about the plot.

She said: "My jaw was on the floor.

"The extremes are so brilliant to play. You really get to work those acting muscles."

Meanwhile, Sally previously claimed she's been pigeonholed in her career.

The actress explained that she's always asked to play "the down-and-out" characters.

She said: "People love to cast me as the down-and-out, but it doesn't bother me, they're the best parts to play anyway. Some actors say they don't want to be pigeon-holed, but for me that ship has sailed.

"I remember they put character breakdowns on screen for the visually impaired and one of the descriptions of Abi was, 'She's got very dirty blonde, greasy hair'. I actually wash it every day!

"You can't have an ego in this job.

"But I'm all right with it and I've done various different characters in theatre. I played a posh MP, I've done Shakespeare and for years my bread and butter was radio plays."