Sally Lindsay's "shocking" new show Cold Call is a story "we've not really seen on screens"

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Channel 5's new original drama series Cold Call tells the story of a woman who is conned out of thousands of pounds via a cold call – and it's a story that audiences have never really seen on screen before, according to its star Sally Lindsay.

In the new four-part thriller, the former Coronation Street star plays June, a single mother who uncovers a huge scamming operation when she falls victim to a cold caller's scam and is left desperately trying to salvage her family's future.

Following the death of her elderly mother and fuelled by rage, June sets out to hunt down those responsible as each episode explores how far a normal woman can be stretched when faced with a very real threat to her family.

Discussing the new series, Sally explained that she was given an "unbelievable" 30-page treatment and added that she was surprised that something of this magnitude happens to "very, very normal people" all the time.

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"It was so detailed in what they wanted to portray about scams, this modern malaise that's going on at the moment," she continued.

"And it was just fascinating. It's happening to very, very normal people all the time and we've not really seen it on screens. For me, it's a story that I don't think has been told.

"I think we're all very normal characters and I think you could see any of us in any day, in any workplace, in any shop. That's what the shocking thing is. This very extraordinary thing happening to these very normal people."

Lindsay went on to explain that June's elderly mother passing away at the same time as her money being swindled causes the character to reach a real breaking point, and that "it's amazing how she finds the inner strength" to go after the people who stole from her.

Photo credit: VISHAL SHARMA - Channel 5

"In a way, this woman, constantly all her life, has done the right thing. She's been an amazing carer, an amazing mum. She's had nothing. No help. Done it herself and she thinks if I just do everything right in my life, everything will be fine, and it's not," Sally added.

"So it's literally just a tipping point. She's had enough and she turns and it's amazing how she finds the inner strength to do what she does, and the darkness of how far she'll go."

She added: "I don't think anything that hideous has ever happened to me, but it'd be interesting to know if it did, if I was so badly treated, you always think what would I do?

"You always have to put yourself in... if anybody was attacking or threatening my children, I found that very easy to play because yeah, it would be... it's instinctive. It's human nature."

Photo credit: Channel 5

Director Gareth Tunley also added that Cold Call is "one of those straight from the headlines stories", but praised the writers for taking it somewhere completely unexpected too.

"It goes into the whole underworld links that underlie these scams and cons," he said. "But it also goes into [Sally's] character. It's not just plot. It's a way of bringing out the main character's life."

The series, Channel 5's first original drama order in four years, has been written by Karyn Dougan-Buckland and Mark Buckland.

Cold Call starts tonight (Monday, November 18) at 9pm on Channel 5.

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