Salmon Swim Up Flooded British Columbia Street

Salmon swam up a flooded street in Surrey, British Columbia, on November 28, after the area was hit with heavy rain the day before.

An atmospheric river drenched the southern British Columbia region on November 27, according to local reports, leading to evacuation orders in the hard-hit town of Abbotsford.

Twitter user @TatlayUpkar recorded video of the flooding in Surrey on November 28 and the wildlife taking advantage of the inundated roads.

“At this time of year there are thousands of salmon that return to the streams and rivers of BC after spending their lives in the ocean. An epic journey that ends with them going upstream to the exact spot in which they were born themselves to now finish off their lives,” @TatlayUpkar said. “In the footage you have seen the swollen Little Campbell River spilled over onto the roadway which the salmon took to and used to continue their journey. So there’s a lot more going on than simply fish on the road…which is pretty wild on its own too.” Credit: @TatlayUpkar via Storyful

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