When will salons reopen? Expert advice on hair and beauty in lockdown

Lizzie Edmonds, Emily Ewart-Perks
AFP via Getty Images

When will hairdressers reopen?

“According to the Government, the earliest date high street salons could be able to reopen is July 4.

It is yet to publish guidelines on how to safely reopen bricks-and-mortar salons, but we can see from Germany, the latest country to relax its lockdown rules, how hairdressers could operate. This may include: a blow-dry ban to reduce air spread by hair-dryers; frequent disinfecting of chairs and basins; communication kept to a minimum; masks and gloves for beauty therapists.”

What services are you expecting to be the busiest when beauty salons reopen?

“Our waiting list shows that “beauty admin” treatments are the priority post-lockdown. Specialist services including waxing and lashes are at the top of the list, with a huge 64 per cent of customers reserving a pedicure on reopening.”

Do you have any tips on cutting your own hair?

“When I spoke to stylist Catarina Pinhao, she said, ‘Wait for a professional’. We’re hearing of DIY disasters which will need a professional to fix. However, if your fringe is too long or split-ends out of control, then proceed with caution. Buy a professional comb and scissors for a natural finish and cut into the hair with small angled snips. We suggest keeping the hair dry; if you cut your hair when it’s damp, it may end up being shorter than you planned. Finally, be conservative, taking off as little as possible — then book your favourite stylist post-lockdown.”

Why does self-care matter in lockdown?

“Prioritising mental and physical health through daily rituals, exercise and self-care helps improve mood and reduce stress and anxiety. Eight weeks of lockdown has had a drastic impact on our mental health, meaning self-care is more important than ever. Many of our personal care treatments have a positive effect on mental health, not only for boosting self-esteem, but also devoting additional time, attention and love to yourself. Now is the perfect time to offer facials or massages to your partner. Facials are especially important as our skin will have changed in lockdown. Skincare brand OSKIA has some excellent tutorials for beginners on Instagram.”